22 February 2014

I've been FEATURED.

Feel free to join me in giving myself a round of applause (and excuse me while I toot my own horn) but I must announce that I have been featured on the Rhonna Designs start-up screen. I know this is kind of obnoxious, but it's just so crazy because it's one of those things you think will never happen to you! Part of me (okay, all of me) feels the need to celebrate, juuuust in case nothing cooler than this ever happens to me, haha ;) If you had been in the room when I found out, you would have thought that I just won the gold or something!

The weird thing is that I always pick apart anything I make, so now I'm kicking myself for not making a few changes: 1) the "YOUR" is the same grey color as the rest of the words, but I should have made it black considering how skinny it is. 2) I didn't outline the "WATCHING" because I thought it made it too dark, but now I'm wondering if I should have?

Anyway, it doesn't even matter because Rhonna of all people liked it, and this is one surprise I am definitely going to let myself be happy about! And possibly announce to everyone I know.

Rant over.


Brittany said...

Woo hoo!! Thats exciting and I think it looks great :)

Tara Illy said...

Looks great - congrats to you!!!!

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