19 February 2014

My top pins this week

A few months ago, I got sick of Pinterest. I know, I know, but my boards were out of control, unorganized, and half of the links took you to bad sources anyway - so I deleted EVERY pin and started over (pinterest suicide!?) It felt so clean and fresh and new...but two months later here I am again, over 1000 pins deep.

But it doesn't feel chaotic because the second time around I've been checking many (not all) of my links before pinning, and I'm only pinning things I absolutely LOVE. That's why when linkups like this come around, it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite. But I'll try my best. Now introducing, my faves of the week:

Cake batter blondies! I used to not care for birthday cake flavor, but it just feels so festive that it's hard to resist. Consider me invited to this mouth party.

Because I'm totally going to be able to pull this look off after a plateful of cake batter blondies, right?

Whenever my married friends start pinning an excess of baby stuff, I let myself get excited for a moment and think "Maybe?" However, anybody who follows me is sure to be desensitized to the onslaught of baby things. I'm what you'd call a shameless non-preggo baby pinner. And I love how this little girl's name is arranged in those frames.

Melt my heart, how true is this?!

My Mattie told me that he isn't offended by Goldendoodles because supposedly they shed less. So I've jumped onboard and pin away every single time I see one - it's my way of warming up to the idea of not having an Australian Shepard. 

And because I was never intending on only pinning just five. 
If this aint the truth I don't know what is.

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Join us!

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Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

I can't imagine purging my entire Pinterest! Brave woman.

Melanie Montgomery said...

I purged my pinterest once too, and I'm at a 1000+ pins. I can't pin just one thing because it quickly turns into five.

Neatly- Packaged said...

Cute pins!! I love the baby pins too! Thank you for sharing :)


Iris P. said...

Such a great post! Love the pinks and that dog especially! So cute!

Paige Brown said...

Pinterest has been my best friend since I moved to England 5 months ago.... I know I pin way to often but I just love it :) I recently did a "pin purge" as well, so I feel you on that!! I realize its not the most significant thing in life, but it did make me feel a lot better! :)

Lauren @ The Albrechts Blog said...

Oh my gosh! So much goodness here. LOVE the dress, such a classy look. And the nursery! I think I may have pinned that, too. So precious. I'm a married non-preggo baby pinner, too. Unite!
PS Thanks for linking up with us


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