28 March 2014

Five on Friday

1. I have officially not eaten chocolate for 13 days. I've been cheating on chocolate with these protein bars because they keep me full, but they definitely don't taste like a candy bar! Except, lately...they have been starting to taste better and better...so I'm pretty sure my taste buds are dying. Hey, but the weird thing is I am really not craving as much anymore...so something is working. Oh, and bags of frozen mangos are what got me through that first week haha - so good!

2. Everything that Albion Fit makes is perfection. The other day they shared a picture of a little lady in such a classy little swim suit and it was the CUTEST ever. I got really excited and yelled (over instagram comments of course) "Mama and me suits?!" and they responded "I think you're really going to like what's coming..." So obviously my future child and I are going to be twinsies at the beach one day in the very far future. And hopefully said child is a lady child because that could get awkward fast.

3. Yeah...so this is in Spanish, but how brilliant! This is a super cute look and I can't believe I never thought of it.

4. I know these aren't exactly summer colors but I have really been loving "grown up" looking clothes. My dang sister in law is one of those girls who looks put together every single day, and I'm like...I really need to step it up so my 17 year old sister in law doesn't look more mature than me (which she actually is. haha)!

5. I just love inappropriate baby onesies. Matthew refuses to let me put them on our future child though, so that's sad. This one and the "I won" shirt with a picture of the little sperm are my FAVORITES. bahaha.

PS - baby making is just a liiiiiiittle harder than those girls on teen mom make it look. Just FYI.

26 March 2014

I'm just dating my dreams is all

Guess what Whitney Johnson told me at last weekend's Time Out for Women??

Short answer: Something that resonated within me so much that I just had to make this pretty little design to remind myself daily!

Long answer: That is is perfectly acceptable to "date around" when dreaming! This was great news to me because I have always jumped around different interests...but I thought I was just a spaz! Trying one interest after another and just not "feeling it" can be discouraging, but she made me feel like that was perfectly normal and even encouraged. One day I will find one to stick with (aka get "married" haha), but until then I will be perfectly happy simply dating my dreams.

Currently my biggest dream is winning that little fitness competition and consequently becoming $200 richer! I am very hopeful about it because it's not just a lottery...if I lose it will only be through my lack of hard work, you know? The next step would be to open that Etsy shop I've been thinking about for the last few years! That's my ultimatum: I can no longer drag my feet with the whole Etsy thing if I win the fitness competition. It's kind of scary even to type that out loud because hello, failure...but I do NOT want to be scared of my dreams (no matter how small they are compared to yours) anymore. The next step? Ohh I'm still too scared to type THAT one out loud haha. One day at a time!

24 March 2014

In Between Storms

First of all, the reason I have not been the best blogger lately is because I have been wayyy too busy growing as a person, both spiritually and physically. Instead of blogging during my lunch break now, I'm power walking...and let me tell you, I'm embarrassed at how much of a work out that actually is for me. Like, I'm sore. I thought it would be a piece of cake because it's just walking, but apparently I was more out of shape than I thought #pathetic. In my defense, I have also been replacing my office chair with a stability ball, so that could be contributing. We're only a week into it so far and the whole no chocolate thing is the hardest part. 

Secondly, I just had the beeeest weekend ever! Ugh, love. I went to Time Out For Women in Long Beach, which is basically just an LDS women's conference (although I'm positive it would be beneficial to any Christian woman). You know that feeling when you're sitting in church and you have an "a-ha!" moment where something just clicks in your mind and you realize what you can work on or what you have been too hard on yourself about? That was me. all. weekend. long. 

How could a weekend go wrong when you're spending it with a group of beautiful women like this?

Oh, and I met Hilary Weeks, who sings THE most beautiful music in case you didn't know.

All of these happy things at one time are making me feel like a brand new person and I love it. The change is even being reflected in the world around me with all it's fresh new blossoms and baby green leaves - it just feels like it's all meant for me. I know life is constantly throwing stuff at you so I'm simply in between storms right now, but this is just the break I needed to refocus. 

As I said on Instagram "I am really feeling the love right now in the form of tulips and the hope of tomorrows full of sunshine. But even if my tomorrows contain a little more rain than I'd like, knowing that I have my Mattie by my side through every tomorrow from here on out is enough." And yes, I know I spelled tomorrow wrong. My bad. Goodbye for now!

14 March 2014

Makeup Haul

I recently went through all my makeup and threw out everything that was old and unusable...which cut down my supply by nearly half! It feels good to get rid of the clutter, but it had me itching to fill that space with new pretties...cue Target makeup run.

I get that you just HAVE to splurge on some makeup, but I also believe that most drugstore makeup is as good as anything else...the only problem is finding which products to get. Before I buy any drugstore product I check reviews, so I thought I'd throw my two cents into the mix and tell you what I thought of my picks in case you're a review checker like me!

ONE     Revlon Colorstay Pallette (in Precocious, I think) - these are great colors for my eyes and all in all I'm not unhappy that I got this product. I  never use the silver color because it seems to produce a lot of fallout (plus, it's too harsh for my skin tone , so I just trade it for a light creamy color and it's fine. I notice the colors did fade slightly throughout the day but it was only noticeable because I took pictures and compared them side by side.

TWO     Sonia Kashuk lipstick - I'm not a fan of any lipsticks since I've discovered lip stains, so I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this. The product is okay, but I wish I had a perfectly coordinating eye shadow to set it with so that it would last longer. All night I was paranoid about it coming off or smearing and had to reapply a lot (in it's defense, I was eating and drinking). I'll put up with it though because I love the color, plus the packaging is pretty. PS - It's the lip color I wore to the concert.

THREE     Infallible eyeliner - this really does seem to be staying on perfectly all day, although I have only used it sparingly for natural looks, so maybe it would be a different story if I did a cat-eye or something. Still, I like it. Pro: Love the navy color Con: don't love that the brush isn't angled.

FOUR     bareMinerals SPF 15 touch up veil - okay so this isn't a drugstore product, but price isn't a factor when it comes to "face stuff" because I have a sucky complexion. I've heard AMAZING reviews on this, and it is good, it's just not as good as I want it to be. I wish it were fuller coverage although I understand that coverage isn't really the purpose here. Some people say they hate the smell but I absolutely LOVE it. My face looks perfect after I put it on but it doesn't last allll day with my combination skin, and I can't really carry it around to reapply because the poof that comes with it makes me look super cakey. I use one of my powder brushes to put it on.

If you have any drugstore products that you just love, please tell me about them!

13 March 2014

Money is the best Motivator

When I was a wee lass of just six years old, I had a bed wetting problem. Every morning I would wake up wet...and angry that I was wet! What made it so frustrating was that it was 100% out of my control because I was completely asleep when it happened, and when my mom or somebody would tell me that I needed to stop doing it, I would get angry because I thought that they thought I did it on purpose! Like, do you think I want this to happen?? Until one day, my mom's boyfriend's mom offered me a quarter for everyday I didn't wet the bed. Part of me was exasperated, because we had already gone through this and like I said, IT WAS OUT OF MY CONTROL...but the other part of me, the subconscious part, I guess, accepted the challenge. The next morning I woke up dry. I hadn't woken up dry in like...ever, so this was a big deal. I proudly accepted my quarter, and repeated this process for months until I didn't need the quarter anymore. 

The moral of this story is: money is the best motivator. And if it works with pee it probably works with diet and exercise, right?! Soo I am joining in a little friendly competition that Deidre dreamed up. She came up with a point based system using the app "My Fitness Pal" and on June 1st, the person with the most points takes all. Did I mention there was a $10 buy in? 

If you're super pumped and motivated then the deadline to enter is closed...but if you just think it will be fun and might forget about the competition in two weeks, congratulations, you still have time! Haha. If you're interested, more information can be found HERE

I currently exercise for approximately zero minutes a day so this will definitely be a challenge for me. I've been browsing the fitness section of Pinterest and oh my gosh there is so much inspiration there! Crossing my fingers hoping that the motivation sticks and I don't turn into one of those people who quits after two weeks (per usual) haha. 

^ I've actually tried this one before and like it a lot.

10 March 2014

We Rock Out!

This weekend we were invited to a concert...of a band that we would probably NEVER go see on our own, but our friends (aka our aunt and uncle/the owners of the house of the basement we live in/my boss) had extra tickets and we thought it would be fun to join them. I am so happy that we went because it ended up being the best night ever! The only problem is that now I'm pretty sure every other concert I go to for the rest of my life will suck in comparison.  

First, let's talk about energy drinks. Liquid sin. Temptation in a can. I happen to love them but never allow myself to drink them except on one occasion and one occasion only: concerts. My excuse is that the high amount of caffeine prevents me from getting a migraine (which, I basically get everyday in case you didn't know). I can feel you frowning upon me (or is that just my mother?). Frown on, my friends - I don't think one can every six months will kill me, and considering the level of risk vs. the level of happiness I get from it, it's just not worth quitting.

You don't have to scold me, I know it's bad.

The House of Blues, Featuring: HIM (or is it H.I.M?) FYI, this band's name stands for "His Infernal Majesty" which may or may not be a reference to the devil. Just ignore that part haha.

Okay, now onto the reason this concert was so spectacular (besides the music). I had a difficult choice ahead of me, because our group was splitting into two once we got there. One half wanted to be right next to the stage, just feet away from the band and the other half wanted to sit in the lap of luxury and reserve a table where we wouldn't have to be stampeded. Even though I don't listen to HIM, this really was a hard choice because I kinda love the whole concert experience, stampeding crowd at all...eventurally I chose the table though, and now I am so spoiled I may not ever enjoy another concert again.

This table changed the entire experience. We were in the crowd, but not IN the crowd. It was the best of both worlds because we were ten feet from the stage with a perrrrfect view of everything, but we had the choice to sit there and enjoy the show while eating a steak dinner if we wanted. For the record, we chose artichoke dip and shrimp instead.

The music was excellent - much better than anticipated. And I didn't even start to get a headache until on the way home! Basically, it was the most unexpected perfect night ever. I would have never in a million years chose this, but I'm happy to have the memory.

I never got second thoughts about choosing the table, but if it had been Katy Perry or something I would have been all over being in the crowd...our friends were so close they could reach out and touch the lead singer if they wanted! A dream come true if you're a fan.

PS - Funny story about the table: there was a $200 drink minimum that you had to buy to sit there (this is on top of the fee to reserve the table, which I wont even mention). Obviously it's hard to spend $200 in artichoke dip, so towards the end of the evening my uncle just asked for the difference in drinks and we handed out beer cans to the crowd around us. As if this girl needed anything more to drink...

Needless to say, I felt like the concert Santa Claus.

PSS - Energy drinks, a band that may or may not worship the devil, and handing out alcohol. As a Mormon, this was a pretty scandalous night for me. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the sketchy parts, but it is what it is. If you think less of me after reading this post, sorry I'm not sorry.

07 March 2014

I have some explaining to do.

YES. I have changed my blog design yet again. Oh, and this time I even went a little wild and decided to change my blog's name as well. My apologies for any confusion this may cause haha. The thing is, ever since I changed it to "Those Creepy Crawleys" (which is cute, right?!) something has just felt off...like its not mine.

First I had a minimalist design that was both pretty and masculine at the same time but it didn't feel right. Then I went the opposite direction and had a pink flowery design but again it just didn't feel right! Finally I decided that maybe the name was the problem and gave the whole re-branding thing another shot. Kailyn did such a fantastic job at putting up with me while I was being a complete ampersand diva (thats a true story) and she ended up creating the perfect look! I am once again head over heels in love with/inspired by my little corner of the internet - yay!

PS - I've been so excited about the remodel that I've been sharing the progress with my coworkers every step of the way...they had a poll and everybody but me thinks that I should have capitalized the words in the header. Too bad my opinion counts for double however many there are of them haha, I love it this way!

PPS - 10 points to Gryffindor if you can name the song with the lyrics that sing "she makes her mind up just to change it..."

05 March 2014

Water is a good thing

So apparently, fluids are important. At the time I wrote my last post I was probably twice as bad as I should have been because I had forgotten to drink any water (or juice, or milk, or ANYTHING) for a day in a half! What the?? Who does that? You know, I got to thinking that our bodies should have a built-in timer to tell us when we need to drink something...oh wait, they do! It's called thirst! Haha. I guess I don't really make the best choices when I feel terrible.

It's a good thing Matt caught on, because finally he was like: "How much did you drink today?" (Nothing) "WHAT?? How much did you drink yesterday?!" (Um, half a Mountain Dew). Then he went and saved the day by buying me these! Best thing that's ever happened to me. I feel sooo much better now.

It makes me feel really guilty that I did that though. Honestly, I've been treating my body like a trash can lately. See above for an example. It's just kind of hard to eat healthy or get fit when you're not overweight, because people see a skinny girl watching what she eats and they start thinking about eating disorders and all that nonsense. But then when I eat junk food all day I get the jokes about "Ohh, that'll catch up to you" or "Keep that up and you'll be 300 pounds next month!" ...it's just hard for me to find a balance sometimes. Which is weird, because I'm a Libra.

All that to say I recently downloaded the Livestrong calorie counter app (It's like My Fitness Pal but I think the design is cleaner) to keep a list and be aware of everything that I'm putting into my body. Immediately this forced me to cut out soda and juice because obviously I want to spend those calories on things like chocolate when I could easily just switch to water. It feels like budgeting, but for calories.

I think I'm going to start keeping track of water as well because I do NOT want a repeat of last weekend. Since then, I've researched how much water my body needs (excellent article here) and made sure that I've been getting enough. It's a world of a difference! I get most of my water intake in the morning because I set a goal for how much I want to drink by lunch, then for the rest of the day I just drink when I'm thirsty and it usually adds up to the appropriate amount. PS - Dasani drops are the BOMB. Do not try ANY other water flavor enhancer, the rest suck. 

Just for kicks, I'm gonna close this post with a video of this guy talking about rain for those of you that haven't seen it because it's funny and we were just talking about water anyway, right? 

Seriously though, it was much needed ;) Praise!

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