26 March 2014

I'm just dating my dreams is all

Guess what Whitney Johnson told me at last weekend's Time Out for Women??

Short answer: Something that resonated within me so much that I just had to make this pretty little design to remind myself daily!

Long answer: That is is perfectly acceptable to "date around" when dreaming! This was great news to me because I have always jumped around different interests...but I thought I was just a spaz! Trying one interest after another and just not "feeling it" can be discouraging, but she made me feel like that was perfectly normal and even encouraged. One day I will find one to stick with (aka get "married" haha), but until then I will be perfectly happy simply dating my dreams.

Currently my biggest dream is winning that little fitness competition and consequently becoming $200 richer! I am very hopeful about it because it's not just a lottery...if I lose it will only be through my lack of hard work, you know? The next step would be to open that Etsy shop I've been thinking about for the last few years! That's my ultimatum: I can no longer drag my feet with the whole Etsy thing if I win the fitness competition. It's kind of scary even to type that out loud because hello, failure...but I do NOT want to be scared of my dreams (no matter how small they are compared to yours) anymore. The next step? Ohh I'm still too scared to type THAT one out loud haha. One day at a time!


Melanie Montgomery said...

Yes! Yes to this whole post.
I have a new dream every other week, it keeps things interesting.

Tiffany Cutcliff said...

I love this! I am featuring it at the blog hop this week! :)


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