14 March 2014

Makeup Haul

I recently went through all my makeup and threw out everything that was old and unusable...which cut down my supply by nearly half! It feels good to get rid of the clutter, but it had me itching to fill that space with new pretties...cue Target makeup run.

I get that you just HAVE to splurge on some makeup, but I also believe that most drugstore makeup is as good as anything else...the only problem is finding which products to get. Before I buy any drugstore product I check reviews, so I thought I'd throw my two cents into the mix and tell you what I thought of my picks in case you're a review checker like me!

ONE     Revlon Colorstay Pallette (in Precocious, I think) - these are great colors for my eyes and all in all I'm not unhappy that I got this product. I  never use the silver color because it seems to produce a lot of fallout (plus, it's too harsh for my skin tone , so I just trade it for a light creamy color and it's fine. I notice the colors did fade slightly throughout the day but it was only noticeable because I took pictures and compared them side by side.

TWO     Sonia Kashuk lipstick - I'm not a fan of any lipsticks since I've discovered lip stains, so I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this. The product is okay, but I wish I had a perfectly coordinating eye shadow to set it with so that it would last longer. All night I was paranoid about it coming off or smearing and had to reapply a lot (in it's defense, I was eating and drinking). I'll put up with it though because I love the color, plus the packaging is pretty. PS - It's the lip color I wore to the concert.

THREE     Infallible eyeliner - this really does seem to be staying on perfectly all day, although I have only used it sparingly for natural looks, so maybe it would be a different story if I did a cat-eye or something. Still, I like it. Pro: Love the navy color Con: don't love that the brush isn't angled.

FOUR     bareMinerals SPF 15 touch up veil - okay so this isn't a drugstore product, but price isn't a factor when it comes to "face stuff" because I have a sucky complexion. I've heard AMAZING reviews on this, and it is good, it's just not as good as I want it to be. I wish it were fuller coverage although I understand that coverage isn't really the purpose here. Some people say they hate the smell but I absolutely LOVE it. My face looks perfect after I put it on but it doesn't last allll day with my combination skin, and I can't really carry it around to reapply because the poof that comes with it makes me look super cakey. I use one of my powder brushes to put it on.

If you have any drugstore products that you just love, please tell me about them!


Alyx said...

I LOVE maybelline mega plush volume express mascara. It's flipping amazing.

.candace. said...

Ummm I LOVE that you did reviews because - hello, you're makeup is amazing and your gorgeous! Gracias for the reviews. You rock.

jessicamballou said...

Those look like great products. Thanks for sharing!

Lex said...

looooooooove my bareMinerals veil powder!

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