13 March 2014

Money is the best Motivator

When I was a wee lass of just six years old, I had a bed wetting problem. Every morning I would wake up wet...and angry that I was wet! What made it so frustrating was that it was 100% out of my control because I was completely asleep when it happened, and when my mom or somebody would tell me that I needed to stop doing it, I would get angry because I thought that they thought I did it on purpose! Like, do you think I want this to happen?? Until one day, my mom's boyfriend's mom offered me a quarter for everyday I didn't wet the bed. Part of me was exasperated, because we had already gone through this and like I said, IT WAS OUT OF MY CONTROL...but the other part of me, the subconscious part, I guess, accepted the challenge. The next morning I woke up dry. I hadn't woken up dry in like...ever, so this was a big deal. I proudly accepted my quarter, and repeated this process for months until I didn't need the quarter anymore. 

The moral of this story is: money is the best motivator. And if it works with pee it probably works with diet and exercise, right?! Soo I am joining in a little friendly competition that Deidre dreamed up. She came up with a point based system using the app "My Fitness Pal" and on June 1st, the person with the most points takes all. Did I mention there was a $10 buy in? 

If you're super pumped and motivated then the deadline to enter is closed...but if you just think it will be fun and might forget about the competition in two weeks, congratulations, you still have time! Haha. If you're interested, more information can be found HERE

I currently exercise for approximately zero minutes a day so this will definitely be a challenge for me. I've been browsing the fitness section of Pinterest and oh my gosh there is so much inspiration there! Crossing my fingers hoping that the motivation sticks and I don't turn into one of those people who quits after two weeks (per usual) haha. 

^ I've actually tried this one before and like it a lot.

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Jamie said...

Money is definitely a great motivator!

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