05 March 2014

Water is a good thing

So apparently, fluids are important. At the time I wrote my last post I was probably twice as bad as I should have been because I had forgotten to drink any water (or juice, or milk, or ANYTHING) for a day in a half! What the?? Who does that? You know, I got to thinking that our bodies should have a built-in timer to tell us when we need to drink something...oh wait, they do! It's called thirst! Haha. I guess I don't really make the best choices when I feel terrible.

It's a good thing Matt caught on, because finally he was like: "How much did you drink today?" (Nothing) "WHAT?? How much did you drink yesterday?!" (Um, half a Mountain Dew). Then he went and saved the day by buying me these! Best thing that's ever happened to me. I feel sooo much better now.

It makes me feel really guilty that I did that though. Honestly, I've been treating my body like a trash can lately. See above for an example. It's just kind of hard to eat healthy or get fit when you're not overweight, because people see a skinny girl watching what she eats and they start thinking about eating disorders and all that nonsense. But then when I eat junk food all day I get the jokes about "Ohh, that'll catch up to you" or "Keep that up and you'll be 300 pounds next month!" ...it's just hard for me to find a balance sometimes. Which is weird, because I'm a Libra.

All that to say I recently downloaded the Livestrong calorie counter app (It's like My Fitness Pal but I think the design is cleaner) to keep a list and be aware of everything that I'm putting into my body. Immediately this forced me to cut out soda and juice because obviously I want to spend those calories on things like chocolate when I could easily just switch to water. It feels like budgeting, but for calories.

I think I'm going to start keeping track of water as well because I do NOT want a repeat of last weekend. Since then, I've researched how much water my body needs (excellent article here) and made sure that I've been getting enough. It's a world of a difference! I get most of my water intake in the morning because I set a goal for how much I want to drink by lunch, then for the rest of the day I just drink when I'm thirsty and it usually adds up to the appropriate amount. PS - Dasani drops are the BOMB. Do not try ANY other water flavor enhancer, the rest suck. 

Just for kicks, I'm gonna close this post with a video of this guy talking about rain for those of you that haven't seen it because it's funny and we were just talking about water anyway, right? 

Seriously though, it was much needed ;) Praise!


JumpingJE said...

Yes! I don't drink nearly the amount of water that I should but I definitely want to get into a habit of waking up and pounding 16-32oz immediately. Good luck! Also proud you tossed out sodas and juices!

Katelyn Feroe said...

Hi Laynah, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you get to feeling better - keeping up your fluids is the best way!

Funny clip too. Desperately needed..haha!


brooke lyn said...

i know that having a water bottle at my desk at work helps a lot to keep me drinking water! good luck lady. water is kind of a big deal haha

Brittany said...

I love your new design!!!! And name!! omygosh it looks so good.

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

I've always struggled with drinking enough water and definitely see the results it has on my body. I may try the Dasani drops!

.candace. said...

I feel your pain there - I always forget to drink anything other than Diet Coke. My poor body is gasping for water and I think "Hey I'll load you up with this brown, carbonated waterfall of happiness!" I may be happy but my body is sad. Love the design and the name - aren't you so fancy! Love love love love it!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm a water addict and feel like I'm constantly thirsty so I can't imagine going a whole day and a half without drinking anything!! Such a good husband for stocking you up :) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Melanie Montgomery said...

I laughed so hard over Los Angeles panicking about a little rain. And then I realized that New York is probably watching the newscasts where I'm from (Memphis) and laughing at us panicking over an inch of snow..which we did the other day.

Kim Wanders said...

That's crazy!!I drink soooo much during the day I cannot imagine not! But that's because I used to be mega-addicted to soda, then I switched to diet soda, and in january i quit all soda so I just switched soda for water and I probably drink close to 100 ounces of water/liquids a day if not more. Opposite end of the extreme over here! haha! But yah hubs for buying you fluids!

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