12 April 2014

A lot can happen in three days. AKA I'm a homeowner now.

Thursday afternoon, I was just about to get off of work and was blissfully unaware that my day - and whole life, really - was about to change drastically. Before I begin, I should explain that my Mattie and I have been working on lending and what have you to get a house for the past month or so. Well, on Thursday around 3 in the afternoon, Matthew got a call from our Realtor saying that our lending was all squared away...and oh yeah, by the way...there's this great government incentive program for new homeowners that ends in three days. 

Now, I've never bought a house before, but even I know that you don't just have one land in your lap within three days. But we decided to give it a shot AND WE WERE WRONG. Turns out, houses DO land in your lap within three days time if that's what God has in mind. We are now the proud homeowners of this little beauty. I just know that the timing and the place were exactly right, and it really just feels like the house picked us more than we picked it.

Did I mention that she's only a five minute walk from the cute little lake (glorified pond really, but who's counting?) where we took our engagement pictures?! Seriously a dream come true.


Melanie Montgomery said...

I can't believe you bought a house in 3 days! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you.

Kate said...


Lex said...

Wahoo! :) Congrats! I need you to come find me a house in 3 days, haha. I'm SO sick of looking!

Brittany said...

congratulations!!!! So exciting! How great that it worked out just right for you guys. What a cute little place.

Kristy Sanders said...

Kudos to you guys for buying your first house! You're both so blessed to have acquired such a beautiful home in such a short period of time. Anyway, I hope you're both settling in successfully. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you both all the happiness in the world!

Kristy Sanders @ CrebNow

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