29 April 2014

Am I the only one who likes to embarrass my hubs in public?

The other day my Mattie and I were at the grocery store, shopping for cucumbers because I really wanted something like this. Apparently, cucumber shopping can be quite hysterical when you're as immature as we are (read: as immature as I am). 

I don't know what they feed the cucumbers in our local grocery store, but these puppies are like a foot and a half long! I was marveling over the size of them when Matthew started trying to hurry me out of the produce section before I could make a scene (he knows by now not to expect me to act like a grown up in the cucumber section). Too bad for him, I had already found the one I wanted and was twirling it around like a baton. He tends to frown upon that, but I could tell that he was trying not to laugh so I took it a step further...I started poking him with it haha!

If you ever poke a man in the butt with a cucumber, he will probably snatch it away from you. So that didn't last for long, but as soon as he had grabbed it and turned around I ran away and hid from him! My poor husband then had to walk around the grocery store looking for me with nothing but a freaking foot and a half long cucumber in his hand! He found me quicker than expected (possibly due to the laughter coming from aisle 3??) but even still, it was enough time for him to get strange looks from everyone he passed. Welcome to a day in my husband's life. 

I just love that when I am with him even a trip to the grocery store can gives us the giggles! We have so much fun together no matter what we do, and today at lunch I found myself thinking of yesterdays venture into the cucumber section and laughing to myself. I know it's just a little silly story, but I wanted to share it on the blog to keep that moment preserved. Before we move into our house, before our babies are sent to us from heaven...just my Mattie and I buying cucumbers and being in love.


Brittany said...

haha I love this! One time my boyfriend and I went to the grocery store and he said something that made me pretend to be bad at him so I walked away not sure what to do I headed to the bakery section and grabbed 3 different things I then walked back to the cart and out them in telling I needed to drown my sorrows in food. He of course walked over to put the items back while I proceeded to keep throwing in obnoxious amounts of things the rest of the trip. Still makes me laugh when I think about it.

And that was the longest comment ever. sorry

Lex said...

it sure is the simple things, isn't it? :)

Japolina said...

I always feel like men in the produce section are looking at me when I am picking out cucumbers! You two are adorable!


Kenzie Smith said...

That is pretty darn hilarious!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I literally just snorted my water everywhere. We should totally be friends. I don't think my Hubs would appreciate the cucumber poke either!

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