22 April 2014


I was actually headed on here to talk about something else...but then I saw all of your Easter posts and remembered that I should probably go over that first. Easter this year was pretty quiet, with the highlight of the weekend being the marvelous trip that Matthew took me on. 

But on to Easter. First of all, I woke up very excited to eat my chocolate bunny for breakfast. Then I remembered "Dang it! The Easter Bunny doesn't come unless I buy crap now!" It's only my second Easter married, so give me a break. Luckily our parents still baby us and we each got Easter baskets from both sets! So that's a relief. 

THEN, church this weekend was not the greatest ever haha. I felt the spirit SO much when I was preparing my cute little Easter lesson for my primary kids (any time you study anything about the Savior's life you just feel the realness of what he did for you so clearly)... but they were just not feeling it. In fact, they were not feeling it so much that one of that one of them actually had to be carried into class while he screamed in protest. So that was awkward. People are gonna start wondering what kind of torture I inflict upon them for an hour each week! 

After that we just headed over to the Crawley grandparent's house and stuffed our faces with smoked meat and cheesy potatoes and asparagus after hiding eggs from the little ones. Deeeelish. 

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