04 April 2014

Five wants this Friday!

That awkward moment when you only have one post in between your last Five on Friday post and your current Five on Friday post...my bad. I wasn't going to participate for that reason, but I just CAN'T hold back how beautiful all these camera accessories are! Swoon-worthy - each one.

ONE. This bag is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I have ALWAYS carried my camera with me where ever I go, and just because I have a DSLR now makes no difference. Sure the bag is going to be a little bigger, but it's a small price to pay.

TWO. I was going to get a whole new camera strap...until I fell in love with this one! I've heard some people say it's dorky to walk around with a camera strap around your neck (the cool kids wear it around their wrist or - GASP - no strap at all) but I am sooo a securely-around-your-neck camera strap person. 

THREE. Even though I love the first bag more, I will probably get this one first since it's more practical. I think I like the walnut color better just because I wear leopard print shoes nearly everyday.

FOUR. My short term fix for wanting my camera with me where ever I go. The problem is, I don't think I have a purse that would fit this right now...so I would have to go out and get a new bag.

FIVE. I put this one at the bottom of my list because, although it is beautiful, I don't know if it would be as secure as the camera strap cover. It would be a lot easier to wrap around your hand though, and hold it like that for when I don't feel like looking like a tourist haha.


Kenzie Smith said...

Those are all really cute picks! I can't wait until I can get a DSLR and start looking at cute camera accessories :D

Lex said...

Cute stuff! Okay, so I have that blue camera bag in cognac and I LOOOOOOOVE it with all my heart. I actually use it as a purse all time time,and it's fabulous for traveling/everyday use when you want to bring along your camera. The dividers for your camera and different lenses are awesome and I can't recommend this bag enough.

Ashley R said...

That bag is absolutely gorgeous- I love the mint color!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love.] said...

Pshhh more practical? The seafoam-y bag would still be great with leopard print shoes :) But really, both are super cute bags :)


birdie to be said...

Great finds! Love the strap!

.candace. said...

Ohhhh my lovelies. I LOVE the purses!!!!!!

Rachel Quarles said...

Hey there! I'm the sewing machine behind The Poppy Shoppe (camera strap cover). Just wanted to say thank-you for linking my shop to your blog!! I also have to say that I have the Mint Jo Tote and LOVEEEE it!! You can't go wrong with any of their purses/ camera bags! Thanks again :)

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