17 April 2014

My kids will wear leashes.

I have been so scared of strangers lately, because it seems like every other day I hear a new story about some woman being abducted from a parking lot or something. THEN IT HAPPENED TO ME. You guys. I know I can be kind of a drama queen sometimes, but I do not exaggerate when I say that I'm pretty sure a creepy man tried to steal me the other day!

I was in a gheeettttoooo part of town, getting my tires changed. It was a two hour operation, so instead of staying in one place I decided to take a two hour walk (worth it, because I found the most fabulous dress at a nearby Marshalls). But then on my way back I was texting my mom, and I stopped walking to be able to reply faster. I remember looking around the deserted parking lot and thinking "Hm this area is a little sketchy, maybe I should get out of here." Not thirty seconds after that thought came into my mind, a creeper pulled up next to me in his car. He was obviously homeless and living out of his car because the inside was just filthy and full of all sorts of things. Here's how the exchange went:

Him: Hey, will you come in here and help me charge my phone?
Me: NO.
Him: Oh come on, it will be...fun.
Me: I am NOT doing that. (Run away)

Okay, so I know nothing happened, but I really think it could have gone a lot worse than this. The scary part is that it's kind of second nature for me to want to help people and so I ALMOST DID IT. Thankfully I got hit with this terrible feeling before I could act on that and I just knew that he was a bad guy. Then I told my friend at work and she told me that when she was 8 a man in a car pulled up to her like that, opened his car door and lunged at her! Oh, and he wasn't wearing any pants so he was fully exposed. I know you're supposed to focus on the good in the world and not the bad, but it just disgusts me that something like that is so common.

Now that I'm on the subject...you know what story is the absolute worst and just makes me sick every time? The one where the family noticed their little boy missing while they were on vacation at Disneyland. They told the park authorities and so all of the staff knew to watch out for a little boy with that description. But the dad actually went to the park entrance and stayed there, just watching and waiting. Hours later, he sees a man trying to carry his little boy out of the park - with a different set of clothes and dyed hair!! Can you just imagine the rage that the father felt at that moment? Oh my gosh it makes me sick. 

And Matthew makes fun of me because every time we see kids in those little backpack leashes in public I tell him that our children will definitely have those. 


Joanna said...

It just makes me sick to hear all these stories. I remember playing out in the neighborhood as a child and now that I'm a parent I cannot imagine letting my son going to play out and about. Times have changed and now our children can't be free to explore like we once did.

Kenzie Smith said...

It makes me so sick hearing stories like that. I always told John to help me keep a really close eye on our son because he was so darn cute someone would want to steal him. Part of me was joking, but the other part of me wasn't. It scares the heck out of me to think that people would go so far as to steal someone else's child! There are some creepy, creepy people.

Brittany said...

So so sad. Thankfully nothing worse happened with you because it totally could have. It sucks this world we live in is so dangerous :(

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love.] said...

Oh my gosh! Good thing you got out of there! Crazy stuff . . .


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