19 April 2014

Our Mini-trip!

A few weeks ago, I sweetly reminded my Mattie that we haven't been on any trips in a while. Next thing I know, he's telling me to keep my calendar clear on the 18th and the 19th! This just proves that whining works sometimes (although my friends at work say it's not whining, its simply negative reinforcement to help the hubby train faster). The point is, he arranged the most perfect little trip for us this weekend and I could not have enjoyed it more! It felt kind of like our honeymoon...except so much better! I wonder if every trip that we take from here on out will just keep getting better and better because we love each other more and more? 

Yesterday we left right after work and enjoyed a nice scenic drive up the PCH. When it was time for dinner we stopped by Joe's Crab Shack...unfortunately, however, the wait was an hour long and we were like "aint nobody got time for that!" So we drove and drove around looking for something else that sounded good but neither of us could agree on anything. Finally, somewhere in Carpinteria we were so hungry that we both decided to just stop at the next food place we saw. It happened to be Clementine's Steak House, which happened to be ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS WE HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Seriously. In my opinion, it is better than Fogo de Chao which is a 5 star restaurant in Beverly Hills. I can not stress enough how much you need to go there if you are ever in Carpintaria.

Then today (after a truly beautiful night's sleep with no involvement of alarms the next morning) Matthew requested "Ostrichland" for our first stop. After that we walked around all the cute little shops in town for a few hours. 

I really loved my outfit so I had to have Matthew take a picture haha. Hats are SO hard to feel comfortable in when you are not used to wearing them, but I am determined to change that!

Ebelskivers...the danish pastry we were told that we just HAD to try. Very good, but not to die for. I'd be a much bigger fan if they had jam in the center!

Matthew is so much more comfortable taking pictures now that we've been to a few photography classes together. We would even have conversations while I was taking pictures about what aperture I should be at haha. 

AND we left with enough time to drive by our future home and admire it from the outside. So happy.


ashleynicole @ [real life, real love.] said...

How fun!! Getaways are always the best :)

Umm. That ostrich looks possessed in the picture with you! Creepy!

And I love the hat! But I totally agree that hats feel so foreign when you're not used to wearing them. I just bought one and haven't worn it yet for that reason haha :)

Also, I've been looking for a half-sleeve white tee like you're wearing . . . where'd you get yours? :)

Happy Easter!

Brittany said...

Love your outfit! The hat completes it :) Those little baby ostriches, so cute!

Elise Johansen Harvey said...

Great hat!

And that's so fun that you found ebelskivers! My family makes them every year for New Year's, but I've never seen them on a menu somewhere!

Elise @ Harvey Ever After

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