10 April 2014

The week I decided to not do my hair

I've always been pretty "natural" with my hair...not too many hot tools, swapping mousse for hair lotion, deep condition often etc...but I guess this week I just went a little off the deep end. I don't know if it's a long term thing or not (I texted my husband to let him know that I wasn't going to do my hair anymore and he said "No. You should rethink that." haha) but either way, it's a nice reminder that I don't have anybody's beauty standards to uphold besides my own. 

It all started with Pinterest. The other day I looked up "natural hair" and found pages upon pages of beautiful women embracing their natural, fuzzy hair! This, combined with my lack of time for a shower, inspired me to not do my hair the next morning (basically I just wore the day before's hair...usually a no-no because the curls get so crazy from sleeping on them). But it was sooo refreshing to have messy hair and literally just not care. Like, yeah, I didn't do my hair this morning. What of it? **One annoying part of owning natural curls: sometimes when you DON'T do them, they look better than when you actually try! Blessing and a curse - just imagine how horrible this is when you are actually trying. 

THEN I just got carried away and haven't done my hair since then, haha. You know how photographers will sometimes declare "straight out of the camera!" on a photo they supposedly didn't edit? Well, this is my straight out of the shower hair. Fuzzy. As. Heck. But it's me - and it feels good to own it sometimes!

That is all.


Gentri said...

I would love to have hair like yours! Mine is really limp after a while. Great at first but it dies quickly (whether I do it or not, sadly). I love that you're letting your hair do its thing!

Jennifer Martinez said...

I love it! Mine is awful- it's sort of crimpy waves and with random pieces of curls and straight hair. And frizz all over. I love yours! Rock the fuzz ;)

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