31 May 2014

Sara's Graduation

This little girl didn't even WANT to go to her own graduation haha! Something about sitting in the sun for a couple of hours just didn't appeal to her ;) But we finally convinced her to go, and she is well on her way into real life now! She leaves us in September, and I am so going to miss her pretty face.

^ I figured out how to make my sun shine like a diamond!

 It was realllyyyy funny watching them all walk in. Literally 13x the size of my senior class.


23 May 2014

Bathbombs and Baubles and Ruffle Butts.

These are a few of my faaavorite things :) Okay so that was really off tune, consider yourself lucky that you couldn't actually hear me singing that just now. Is it officially summer yet? I think it is. I applied a self tanner to prep my legs for memorial day weekend and now my feet are brown and my legs are white. So that's great. Regardless, I am craving the beach and am trying to think of the most convenient time for me to go this weekend! Even if I only go by myself, it is way too close for me to simply not go! 

So listen. I'm in a really rambly mood (and yes, I know thats not a word) so I'm gonna cut to the chase. Here's my five on Friday:

one. chunky, blingy, pastel goodness.

two. do you know what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life? Take pictures. It's constant. I can't get enough.

three. It is truly difficult to find 5 things I love each Friday that don't involve babies, btw. I'm obsessed with these ruffle butts. Side note: Why are these $60?!

four. I LOVE THIS. Resist perfectionism and let your wild show, that's what I always say! Seriously though, when you get a whim (that isn't illegal or immoral) I think it's generally healthy to ACT on it.

five. Do these work as well as LUSH bath bombs? There is only one way to find out...and unfortunately I'll have to wait until we move into our house in June becauuuuse I don't have a bathtub right now.

Have a safe Memorial day weekend everybody!

20 May 2014

The Hollywood Bowl

Last weekend my Mattie and I joined our family at a Journey concert! I don't think I would have chosen to go see them on my own, but I'm glad that now I can say I have seen the iconic Journey live. One problem: I was the ONLY one in our group that actually enjoyed it. We were in the bleacher seating where all of the shady characters gather, and unfortunately they got increasingly more and more rowdy as the night went on. Finally my husband couldn't take it anymore and we left early.

I've been to a few concerts before, so I'm used to being pushed around in a crowd by the crazies, and I've learned to love the show through that. I really like the energy at concerts and the fact that soooo many people that love the same music are all gathered in the same place singing the same words at the same time. There's something magical about it for me. Especially when you're actually in the pit and can feel the music in your bones and the energy of the crowd pulsating all around you! Is pulsating an awkward word? Sorry not sorry. Anyways, since we left this one early on this one I feel like I need a redo and I am itching to go to another show soon!

UPDATE: Since I typed this up one hour ago, I went and bought tickets to an upcoming MKTO show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I have recently become completely and totally obsessed with (almost) every song they have ever written, BUT NONE OF MY FRIENDS KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Watch, learn, and love!

19 May 2014

Cowgirl Photoshoot

Lately I've been bugging my friends (all three of them!) to let me practice my rudimentary photography skills on their beautiful faces. This weekend I finally pinned one down and forced her into driving all over in search of pretty fields and wading through the itchy grass with me! She is SUCH a natural and I'm really glad that some of these turned out!

I get really nervous when I try to take pictures of people, because everything that I've learned is all so fresh and spinning around in my mind that I find it hard to focus. I manage to get the shot I want about 50% of the time now (which is a big improvement) but I still need practice because I really want to get it down to the point where my fingers just know what to do, leaving my brain and eyes available to focus on composition. If you're in the LA area, lets meet up!

16 May 2014

Ren Fair!

We've been having almost too many adventures to keep up with lately! Tonight we're going to a Journey concert, so I figure I better post this from last weekend before I get too behind. But first! Have you seen Moms Night Out yet?? Not amazing, but there were some pretty funny parts - and the woman BLOGS so she talks about her strugggles with her blog haha! You know how we kind of live life with a blog post in the back of our minds? (Do you do that too? I write at work AND blog, so basically my whole life revolves around trying to formulate my thoughts into words to put on a page. Even when I' not writing its just a habit to try to put my feelings into words!!) Well she did that same thing and it was hilarious because it's true. 

We had to go see that movie because Matthew was being rude to me. I mean, I was being a little rude to him too, but he started it. So I was like "peace out, be back in a couple hours." Once I left I then had the task of figuring out what I was going to do for a couple of hours...until I remembered that I hadn't seen Mom's Night Out yet! Mattie texted me while I was in the movie theater:

Mattie: Please come home! I miss you!
Me: You don't get to decide when I come home (See how flexible I am?? HA)
Mattie: Well where are you?
Me: The movies.
Mattie: Um okay...can I come?
Me: It's a free country! You can buy a ticket if you want!

So yeah. We saw Mom's Night Out. Anyways, what was I even talking about?? Oh yes. Ren Fair. Our friends invited us to go people watching at the Ren Fair and we had SO much fun.

In the below picture I told my Mattie that I wanted a picture with the crotch-pouch man. Nailed it.

This bench swing was massive and they had hired what seemed to be young homeless men to push us! That's our idea of a good time haha.

My powerful Mattie made the bell ring on this thing like 5 times in a row!

 And my favorite costume of the day:

The End! Talk to you again on the flip side of this weekend!

14 May 2014

Tolerance as it applies to the abortion debate.

I have something weighing heavy on my mind and I just don't think it will let me rest until I throw it out onto the blank screen before me. Feel free to discontinue reading if discussing the abortion debate renders you incapable of common courtesy (friendly reminder: this blog exists to serve me).

I read this article this morning. It's written from the point of view of a woman who has had an abortion and feels like she deserves to be recognized on mother's day. First of all, this is insulting to every mom ever who has selflessly given all the time, life, and love that she has to offer for the interest of her children. I could go on and on about the injustice of it. So I got mad (typical human response when you don't like something, right?). Then I started thinking about her baby. To me, her baby and I have a lot in common. My mother got pregnant at 16 by a married man, and was advised by many to simply abort me. I'm sure that must have been tempting for her, because having a baby IS inconvenient, even for someone who is ready for it. The difference between that baby and me is that my mother decided to endure the pain, inconvenience, and even shame of carrying me to full term to give me a chance at life. I have felt the wind on my face, danced like nobody was watching, had my heartbroken, and felt the true happiness that comes from knowing that my savior Jesus Christ loves me - all things that her baby will never be able to do. As I was wondering who her baby might have been, and how proud of herself that woman is for tossing a whole entire life away without so much as batting an eye, I started to cry. 

So here's the thing, pro-lifers, I understand that it's upsetting. I get it. But please please please please STOP THE HATEFUL COMMENTS. Most of us are Christian, and it makes us look terrible when you say things like "I hope you are sold into sex slavery." Um, nobody deserves that. Let's just all take a deep breath, remember who we are, work on defending our beliefs firmly but with tact, and trust that God will take care of it. 

PS - I was actually SO upset about this woman's blatant disregard for human life that I emailed her. And she actually responded! And yes - her response was ridiculous, and yes - we are on completely opposite sides of this debate...but we were still able to have a civil correspondence. This would not have been the case had I emailed her while I was still mad, I'm sure.

  1. I believe that we are all on a crash course making the best decisions we can with the information we have.
  2. I believe that God will not punish a decision if the decider TRULY thought that he or she was doing the right thing.
  3. I believe that deep down, the majority of women who have an abortion still have a sliver of conscience left that tells them it is wrong (even though it may be legal!) and they not only have to live their life with a quiet but ever-present guilt, but will have to answer for their actions one day UNLESS they become truly repentant.
  4. I believe that there can be disagreement without disrespect.

That is all I have to say about that.

11 May 2014

Red Carpet Ready

Firstly: Let me just tell you a little something about this dress. IT WAS TWENTY DOLLARS. From Forever21 (story of the dress here)! We came across it last July in a brilliant stroke of luck, and we have been dyyyyying too see it in action ever since - it did not disappoint.

Secondly: These pictures WERE ALL TAKEN IN MANUAL MODE, which means that the level of epic literally just doubled. 2/3 of my pictures were crap, but luckily 1/3 out of like 500 is still a lot haha. I'm getting better and I am soooo excited!

Thirdly: This year Sawyer was old enough to go to prom too! Also pictured is Sara's bestie Savannah.

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