23 May 2014

Bathbombs and Baubles and Ruffle Butts.

These are a few of my faaavorite things :) Okay so that was really off tune, consider yourself lucky that you couldn't actually hear me singing that just now. Is it officially summer yet? I think it is. I applied a self tanner to prep my legs for memorial day weekend and now my feet are brown and my legs are white. So that's great. Regardless, I am craving the beach and am trying to think of the most convenient time for me to go this weekend! Even if I only go by myself, it is way too close for me to simply not go! 

So listen. I'm in a really rambly mood (and yes, I know thats not a word) so I'm gonna cut to the chase. Here's my five on Friday:

one. chunky, blingy, pastel goodness.

two. do you know what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life? Take pictures. It's constant. I can't get enough.

three. It is truly difficult to find 5 things I love each Friday that don't involve babies, btw. I'm obsessed with these ruffle butts. Side note: Why are these $60?!

four. I LOVE THIS. Resist perfectionism and let your wild show, that's what I always say! Seriously though, when you get a whim (that isn't illegal or immoral) I think it's generally healthy to ACT on it.

five. Do these work as well as LUSH bath bombs? There is only one way to find out...and unfortunately I'll have to wait until we move into our house in June becauuuuse I don't have a bathtub right now.

Have a safe Memorial day weekend everybody!


ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Who doesn't love ruffle bums? They're so. dang. ADORABLE! :) Love those bracelets, too :)

Kimberly said...

What!?!?! Those ruffle bums are 60?? Okay, I'm feeling a LOT better about my price points for my new shop.

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