19 May 2014

Cowgirl Photoshoot

Lately I've been bugging my friends (all three of them!) to let me practice my rudimentary photography skills on their beautiful faces. This weekend I finally pinned one down and forced her into driving all over in search of pretty fields and wading through the itchy grass with me! She is SUCH a natural and I'm really glad that some of these turned out!

I get really nervous when I try to take pictures of people, because everything that I've learned is all so fresh and spinning around in my mind that I find it hard to focus. I manage to get the shot I want about 50% of the time now (which is a big improvement) but I still need practice because I really want to get it down to the point where my fingers just know what to do, leaving my brain and eyes available to focus on composition. If you're in the LA area, lets meet up!


Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

These are great!!!! I will have to plan a trip to LA for a blogdate one of these days!

Kimberly said...

You're getting really good!! Do you want to take my kids' pictures next time we're in Lancaster? Where is your new house? Are you still near my parents?

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