04 May 2014

Jo Totes First Impression

So my big black beautiful bag came this weekend, and I could not be more excited about her. I was tracking the shipping number (cough!) working really hard all day on Friday and when I came home, my husband was sitting on the tailgate of his truck waiting for me with a very special delivery (it's not even possible to have a bad weekend after that kind of start)!

I feel like I can't give an accurate review of the bag yet, but here is my first impression: Her name is Allison. She came in a protective little blue bag. The picture on the JoTotes website does not do her justice, because the faux leather is just soo soft and beautiful. 

Buuut, with all of my stuff inside she got a little bigger than I anticipated - almost boxy looking. My wallet fits perfectly on the front outside pocket, I slide my phone in the open pocket on the back (there is also a zippered pocket in the back if you prefer that though) and the main compartment is divided into two: the camera, and the miscellaneous purse junk. This works perfectly for me right now, but I would DEFINITELY need a bigger one if I wanted to carry more stuff, because it is cozy in there. Oh and I did put extra padding from another camera bag on the bottom so that's why the panels look a little taller than they should be.

She's also kind of heavy with everything inside so I use the strap cushion...but I think she looks better without it! So really, that's my only real problem. Other than that, I am sooo in love, and at this point I definitely plan on getting a couple more styles. It feels good to be able to have my camera on me and protected at all times - oh the adventures we will have!

PS - We saw The Other Woman last night (I really wanted to take Allison out, lol!) and it was HILARIOUS. I was a little hesitant because the whole supporting-a-movie-about-cheating-spouses thing, but after seeing it I can't help but love it. My husband and I were both cracking up throughout the entire thing. How Kate acts with her husband before she finds out that he is cheating on her is SO ME its just ridiculous. She makes the movie.


Laura Joyce Leavitt said...

Dying over how your nikon fits in that bag, Amazing! So glad The Other Woman was funny i have been wanting to see it but was a little hesitant.

c a n d a c e said...

Gorgeous bag on a gorgeous girl!! Love it!!

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