11 May 2014

Red Carpet Ready

Firstly: Let me just tell you a little something about this dress. IT WAS TWENTY DOLLARS. From Forever21 (story of the dress here)! We came across it last July in a brilliant stroke of luck, and we have been dyyyyying too see it in action ever since - it did not disappoint.

Secondly: These pictures WERE ALL TAKEN IN MANUAL MODE, which means that the level of epic literally just doubled. 2/3 of my pictures were crap, but luckily 1/3 out of like 500 is still a lot haha. I'm getting better and I am soooo excited!

Thirdly: This year Sawyer was old enough to go to prom too! Also pictured is Sara's bestie Savannah.


Erica said...

Your photos turned out beautifully... so impressed! And... these make me wana dress up and go somewhere.

Ashley R said...

Great photos! She looks gorgeous.


Oh my gosh I LOVE the dress! And make up! The pictures are gorgeous too- Nice work!

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

She is so naturally stunning!

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