16 May 2014

Ren Fair!

We've been having almost too many adventures to keep up with lately! Tonight we're going to a Journey concert, so I figure I better post this from last weekend before I get too behind. But first! Have you seen Moms Night Out yet?? Not amazing, but there were some pretty funny parts - and the woman BLOGS so she talks about her strugggles with her blog haha! You know how we kind of live life with a blog post in the back of our minds? (Do you do that too? I write at work AND blog, so basically my whole life revolves around trying to formulate my thoughts into words to put on a page. Even when I' not writing its just a habit to try to put my feelings into words!!) Well she did that same thing and it was hilarious because it's true. 

We had to go see that movie because Matthew was being rude to me. I mean, I was being a little rude to him too, but he started it. So I was like "peace out, be back in a couple hours." Once I left I then had the task of figuring out what I was going to do for a couple of hours...until I remembered that I hadn't seen Mom's Night Out yet! Mattie texted me while I was in the movie theater:

Mattie: Please come home! I miss you!
Me: You don't get to decide when I come home (See how flexible I am?? HA)
Mattie: Well where are you?
Me: The movies.
Mattie: Um okay...can I come?
Me: It's a free country! You can buy a ticket if you want!

So yeah. We saw Mom's Night Out. Anyways, what was I even talking about?? Oh yes. Ren Fair. Our friends invited us to go people watching at the Ren Fair and we had SO much fun.

In the below picture I told my Mattie that I wanted a picture with the crotch-pouch man. Nailed it.

This bench swing was massive and they had hired what seemed to be young homeless men to push us! That's our idea of a good time haha.

My powerful Mattie made the bell ring on this thing like 5 times in a row!

 And my favorite costume of the day:

The End! Talk to you again on the flip side of this weekend!

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