20 May 2014

The Hollywood Bowl

Last weekend my Mattie and I joined our family at a Journey concert! I don't think I would have chosen to go see them on my own, but I'm glad that now I can say I have seen the iconic Journey live. One problem: I was the ONLY one in our group that actually enjoyed it. We were in the bleacher seating where all of the shady characters gather, and unfortunately they got increasingly more and more rowdy as the night went on. Finally my husband couldn't take it anymore and we left early.

I've been to a few concerts before, so I'm used to being pushed around in a crowd by the crazies, and I've learned to love the show through that. I really like the energy at concerts and the fact that soooo many people that love the same music are all gathered in the same place singing the same words at the same time. There's something magical about it for me. Especially when you're actually in the pit and can feel the music in your bones and the energy of the crowd pulsating all around you! Is pulsating an awkward word? Sorry not sorry. Anyways, since we left this one early on this one I feel like I need a redo and I am itching to go to another show soon!

UPDATE: Since I typed this up one hour ago, I went and bought tickets to an upcoming MKTO show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I have recently become completely and totally obsessed with (almost) every song they have ever written, BUT NONE OF MY FRIENDS KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Watch, learn, and love!


Kenzie Smith said...

Bummer that you guys left the concert early :( Rowdy people drive me bonkers ha ha. At least you have tickets booked to go to another concert!! Yay!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Love your outfit! Totally concert-worthy :)

Brittany said...

Jealous that you're going to see MKTO. I actually don't really know who they are but I loooovvvveeeee that song!

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