01 May 2014

Ups and Downs

Let's get the "downs" out of the way first:

- It's been so hot and windy lately, and this means fires for Southern California. 
- Heat also equals snake season.

- My cute Mattie and I started "trying" a few months ago...and I got my period today. 
- Worst. period. ever. I think my uterus is throwing a major temper tantrum.

+ Miracles happen. If you could join me in praying for those in the fire's destructive path, that would be cool.
+ Mama-in-love treated me to Panera bread for lunch today!
+ I got myself a manly man who isn't afraid to catch snakes and relocate them. 
+ I have some chocolate truffles waiting for me in a drawer in my desk.
+ I can only think of 4 things to complain about (and let's be real, two of them are basically the same haha).
+ I can think of an infinite amount of blessings. I wasn't really expecting that when I started typing this post, because I was mostly just in a mood to complain... Thing's are moving along quickly with our new house. Our home inspector told us that we were getting a great deal and there are no major repairs that need to be made. I love my job. Last night my husband let me pick the movie and we cuddled up in bed and watched Mean Girls. My God made me this beautiful body with no major health problems and I am confident that one day it WILL be used to bring a beautiful little baby straight from heaven into my arms. Life is good.

anything worth having is worth waiting for.


Desiree Macke said...

This heat and wind are absolutely insane! We're keeping all those near the fires in our prayers.
We're also saying prayers for you and your main squeeze.

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love.] said...

You're so adorable. Good for you for counting blessings :) Sorry things aren't going as quickly as you'd like in the baby department :/ Good luck! :)


PS - is mother-in-love mother-in-law?

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

That is sweet that you started out negative but only ended up with 3.5 (I'll give you a half =) ) and had plenty of blessings to add! Love when it works out that way. Sorry about CD1, those are always a bummer when you are hoping for a positive on a stick.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Be safe. Those So Cal fires are scary stuff!! I'M DYING OVER THE SNAKE. CAN'T HANDLE!! Praying for the perfect timing for your little one to come into this world. ;)

Gayle said...

1. I would NOT be outside taking pictures of a snake if I saw one. 2. I'm so excited that you guys are trying! I know when the time is right you'll be blessed with a baby. :)

Ashley R said...

Southern California is wayyyyy too hot right now. :(

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

You need a warning label before snake pictures. And especially when they clearly are beyond the little garden variety! I wouldn't have stepped foot in the front yard again for days I think...

And I'm so sorry to hear about your period. It's like throwing salt in the wound when it's extra painful. It's so tough trying and waiting. :(

Tammy said...

Eeewwww that snake would have thrown me into a heart attack. Love the new black bag :)

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