29 June 2014

Just gushing over here

We are falling hard and fast for the country!

The new home is completely wonderful so far. We're basically in the honeymoon stage because we can't get over it and even things like laundry and cooking and cleaning are still thrilling to us! Haha, hoping that lasts as long as possible...

We like our neighbors too, so thats a plus. They apologized for barging into our house and demanding to buy it that one time we were signing papers with our Realtor...which I'm kind of glad they addressed because it was pretty awkward! Besides wanting our house, they are super nice and avid drinkers. Our other neighbors are much more mellow and all in all the street is quiet.

Mosquitoes! I never even thought about how many mosquitoes there would be living next to a lake in the summertime but...wow. One night Matthew was cleaning with the deck door open, and as night fell the clouds of mosquitoes were attracted to the lights inside and we had a serious situation on our hands. That will only happen once.

And our ward in this area is just dreamy. It's huge so there are plenty of people to get familiar with and we can't wait! Funny story...we have been in three different wards throughout our marriage and there is another couple, slightly older than us, that has been IN EVERY SINGLE ONE WITH US. They move when we move and it's so crazy how we've stayed together lol! I feel like we obviously need to be besties with a story like that.

Last night we took a walk to the lake and got all nostalgic. The last time we were there was (almost exactly) two years ago when we were getting our engagement pictures done! It's pretty dirty and definitely not swimmable, but still fun to take pictures of so I imagine many more walks there this summer.

We plan on being here for a very long time so when I'm at the house it's hard not to picture my future babies crawling down the hallway, running up and down the stairs, climbing on the counters, and slamming the doors one day when they're mad at me. The moments these walls will witness! I am being as patient as humanly possible. I have no qualms about openly admitting my desire for a family. I think some people see that as a highly personal issue, but I have honestly wanted babies for as long as I can remember and I feel like now of all times is a perfectly appropriate time to admit that...compared to when I was 14 and had to keep it to myself ha.

Basically, we are loving our current chapter while anxiously looking forward to the next. The End.

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28 June 2014

Full Recovery

I think I have recovered enough from the emotional trauma of planning my own wedding to fully enjoy all things wedding again. I went to a bridal shower last week and was reminded of the happy side of being engaged... the being completely in love part! You could see in this bride's face how excited she was to be tying the knot, and it made me so happy for her...it also made me thankful that I'll never have to endure that wait again.

This is a cardboard cutout of one of the bride's best friend's who is currently serving a mission! Isn't that adorable? Her sweet mama takes her to every gathering that Kailie wouldn't have missed if she were at home...so here she is playing pin the smooch on the groom!

I'm really looking forward to the wedding of this couple, as well as the wedding of one of my other friends who is also getting married this summer. I love love!

26 June 2014

Don't encourage me.

Surprise parties are so much more fun when the victim is not expecting it! Such was the case on Saturday... the girls got back from girls camp and then Sara's best friend asked her to go to the mall with her to help pick out a present. When she got back - BOOM - everyone she knows and the cutest little party ever waiting for her at home. 

I think my mother-in-love deserves a blog more than I do, because she is way better at cute stuff like this.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was a total a teenager this night! At first I was just going to follow them to the trampoline to get cute action shots...then one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was showing them my sweet front handspring (pictured below) and brainstorming "truths" to ask them during our game truth or dare! Very mature, per usual.

I am the greatest at playing truth or dare btw...or the worst, however you want to look at it. Like, I missed the line in Heaven where you get the good sense to keep your secrets to yourself. I can keep other people's secrets, oh sure - just not mine. Ever. It's Matthew's number one complaint about me, because I over share  all the time and he's always like "I seriously need to think of a code word to call out when you start getting weird. Also, why did you say THAT on your blog?!"

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25 June 2014

These are my confessionsss

I confess... that just saying the word confession gets the Usher song stuck in my head every time.
I confess... that I actually like that song, haha!

I confess... that I did not unpack one single box this weekend.
I confess... that one of my goals in life is to find MissMe jeans in my size at the thrift store because I can't stomach the price but I'm obsessed with them. I might die of happiness when that happens.

I confess.... that I finally learned how to insert a GIF in a blog post, could you tell??
I confess... that this weekend I reverted back into a teenager at my sister-in-law's 18th birthday party. I haven't hung out with highschoolers for that long since I was one (they just graduated, but same diff).

^  picture from Saturday. so. much. hair.

I confess... that people who say "I'm so weird, I (insert totally normal thing here) all the time!" are annoying.

I confess... that I've done confession posts before, but I think this is my first time linking up.

21 June 2014

Why wasn't I at the Pantages last night? Good question.

We were on our way to see the show last night, tickets in hand. I had my leopard shoes on, Mattie had his blue stripey shirt on, and we stopped on the way there to enjoy a chubbyburger (aka Fatburger). 

Then our car broke down...like, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Our car breaks down on the way to the freaking Pantages, only 15 minutes away at this point?! We were on the freeway when it started shaking and making crazy sounds, and Matthew was nervous because he couldn't figure out what was wrong. So we turned around and drove home slowly on the backroads. Update: Turns out that we hit a groove in the road the wrong way and it ripped the inside of our tire so it almost blew out, but not quite (it didn't look flat from the outside).

Here we are: clearly NOT at the Pantages Theatre. 

Not gonna lie, I cried. Then I got over it. Haha, Matthew was upset too and kept saying things like it was the universe trying to tell us not to skip class levels...because "people who go to the Pantages don't have cars that break down on them on the way there" and "a chandelier better fall on two empty seats tonight so we know this is an act of God!" 

The whole ordeal reminded me of these beautiful, wise words (so naturally I posted them on instagram):

What the instagram world doesn't know...is that that is so much harder for me than it should be! I have been having a heckuva time trying to control my attitude/temper lately. When things don't go my way, I complain about it! Profusely! It dawned on me recently that I am a grown up and should probably be able to handle things more gracefully than that. Like, here I am wanting to be a mother and I can't even control my own temper tantrums. Thats a recipe for disaster... Nobody likes when things don't go their way, but that's life and I have to learn to accept that bad things are going to happen.

Poor Matthew is so patient with me, I don't know how he puts up with it. So for the past week, I have been giving myself near constant pep talks in my head, especially when I am upset. "Smile. Yes. Now talk - without whining! Explain your feelings calmly and evenly. You can do it! You are a big girl!" Haha so ridiculous yet so necessary.

The funny thing is, since I started doing this - I'VE HAD A LOT OF PRACTICE. I'm pretty sure Matthew decided to switch roles with me, because HE has been the mean and whiny one lately and was possibly PMSing this week or something. I don't know. But I did so good at not being whiny back at him, and yesterday he called me and apologized and said he was going to take me to the show. Then the CAR happened! Obviously Heavenly Father wants to make sure I get plenty of practice keeping my attitude in check. I think I handled everything a lot better than I would have last week, so I am proud of myself. Here's to more adventures and far less ordeals!

12 June 2014

Our Little Besties

For ten months, I have lived in the basement of a family with FOUR children 6 and under (the twins had their birthday and turned 7 in February, but still, close enough). While this might sound crazy to some, we have actually LOVED this time getting to know them on a more personal level. When it did get overwhelming at times we would just hide in our dungeon for a while, but for the most part we loved it and leaving will definitely be bittersweet. We both agree that our new house will feel awfully lonely without the pitter patter that we are now used to.

One thing is for sure, it is NEVER boring with children around! They say the most hysterical things, and it would be a shame to forget those things, so I always try to write them down. For instance, right after I took the above picture Tommy yelled "It is so funny when someone goes in the back of a picture and yells 'PHOTOBOMB!' right, neenah?!" Other funny things that have been said are:

"I can dance so good, it will make you pee your pants!"

"At first I thought you were weak, but now I know you are powerful." After I threw a ball.

Joey at dinner one time: I have a noodle stuck in my nose.
His mom: You mean a booger?
Joey: No, a noodle. - proceeds to snort, spaghetti noodle comes dangling out of one nostril - 

"Are you a mom?" I answer no. "Oh. so you're just a lady?"

"Me want a butterfly kiss." Randomly! While watching a cartoon.

Lilly, confiding in her mom: I called Joey the B word!
Lavinia: Oh...kay...what word is that?
Lilly: Stupid! It have an H.

While having a dance party. Lilly: Come dance with me!
Me: No thanks. I'm drinking my drink, see?
Lilly: Come, hold my hand.
Me: Okay...
Lilly: Bring your drink! Now walk. Now dance. Now take a drink...
I do all of the above, in order.
Lilly: See! It works!

Hahaha I love it :) I can only hope that they remember we are besties after we leave this weekend!

10 June 2014

T-minus 4 days

I have been really trying to not get caught up in the excitement of decorating our new home until we actually move in, but yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore and bought some pillows and a basket! I want a mostly neutral living room with aqua and navy thrown in and I thought these were just TOO perfect. 

I also bought that little basket...for firewood, ha! We don't even have a fireplace, but we have a little corner for a wood burning stove and I keep picturing the stove there, with a decorative container with firewood sitting next to it. Matthew said "You got a basket for firewood when we don't even have a wood burning stove yet? That's like me going out and buying an elephant saddle in case I ever decide to get an elephant!" Haha. I'm sure I could stuff blankets in it and set it by the couch if that doesn't work out though...not too sure what one would do with a leftover elephant saddle.

The color scheme for our master bedroom is very different. Bright, clean, and airy are words that come to mind when I think of the living room, but I'm attempting to make the master bedroom a little classier and...almost moody? I chose purple because its the passion color and I'm a dork like that. 

I love to make design boards so much (expect more as I decide what the rest of my house will be haha)! When I discovered this pretty mirror at One King's Lane recently I went ahead and found some pieces that would go just perrrrrfect with it for a vanity in my bedroom and threw them all together. It works. I love this look so much.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Only four more days till the big move! Did I mention that the lights went out in my basement?? So yeah, I literally live in a dungeon now...we have camping lanterns set up around the room and it is the actual worst. Everyday I look at pictures of the house and everyday it seems more appealing haha!

08 June 2014

Today I'm having dinner with an Apostle.

As in, an apostle of the Lord (as explained here). They often travel from place to place, visiting members all over the world. I feel so spoiled, because last October I actually SPOKE at the same meeting Elder Cook spoke at and now I will be meeting Elder Nelson as well. I don't think I wrote about that experience on the blog because it was a very special, almost sacred, experience that I'd like to keep to myself. 

First of all, we don't worship prophets, or apostles, or any leader of this church. We worship Jesus Christ. Even still, when you are in the same room as an apostle, you can just feel that you are in the presence of a man of God and it is so humbling.

So, today Elder Russel M. Nelson will be speaking at our Stake Conference and following that he will be having dinner at my in-laws home (because my father in-law is the stake president, and part of the duties of being a stake president is giving church leaders that visit your area a place to sleep and all that). I am so looking forward to hearing him today, and in preparation for that I have been looking over talks that he has given in the past.

This one is called "Face the Future with Faith" and it is about how we should not let our trials overcome our faith. It is uplifting and encouraging, and even if you aren't a member of this church I'd like to invite you to watch or read it this Sabbath day.

06 June 2014

10 things not to tell your wife when she is on her period

Let it be known, to all of the husbands out there: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PHRASES MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. My sweet Mattie actually said one of these recently, and I told him that it deserves to be displayed on a wall of shame. Well...what are blogs for, right? Let's play a little game called "guess which one of these phrases Laynah's husband actually said in real life." 

1. Maybe you should slow down on the chocolate.

2. It's hard to keep feeling sorry for you, because your cramps just keep coming every single month.

3. Was someone murdered in our bed last night?

4. I'm just gonna sit over here and play video games until your hormones sort themselves out.

5. Are you really crying right now?

6.  I've been keeping track of all of our fights on my calendar and they always happen in the same week of each month...I'm pretty sure that proves YOU are the one being illogical here.

7. Walls of your uterus tearing itself apart or not, these clothes aren't gonna fold themselves.

8. My ex girlfriend just worked out an extra hour every day when she was on her period to get a boost of endorphins, maybe you should try that.

9.  I'm pretty sure you and I are enduring roughly the same level of misery right now.

10. I ate the last of the nutella today, because I knew you wouldn't mind.

BONUS: Did you take your midol/pamprin today?

04 June 2014

House Tour, anyone?

This house. OUR house is so perfect for us. A couple of months ago we decided that we had saved up enough money (with the sweet budgeting system we have going on) to get a house. Yay! But we were in absolutely no hurry so we just made a few appointments with a lender and started to get stuff together before actively house hunting. We told a Realtor friend of ours that we were warming up and would be coming at her soon.

Then one day the Realtor called and was like, "I don't even know if this is possible, but if you guys can finish getting financed, find a house you love, and put in an offer by this weekend, you could qualify for this insane government thingamabob (my words, not hers) for first time homeowners that could save you a ton of money." My husband went into panic mode. How are we going to do that in this short of time?! But I was like "Relax! Let's just try, and if we don't find something we love we just wont put an offer in. There's nothing to lose."

That day we were faxing the lender paperwork to get financing squared away.
Then next day we looked at houses in our price range with the Realtor.
We found one we LOVED and put in an offer.
The next day it was accepted.

Wam bam, thank you ma'am. THEN I started to get nervous. Holy crap we're buying a house. A house we barely know! What if the roof is rotted? What if the whole septic system needs to be replaced? What if we jumped into this one too soon?

We got a home inspector out there immediately and he said it was in perfect condition and that we got a great deal on it. 60 days later, here we are with keys in hand. I am SO over the moon. It is right down the street from the lake we took our engagement pictures at and all I can think of is how it just feels like the house picked us.

It's a split level house, so the floor plan is different. The first awkward thing you'll notice is that you have to go up some stairs to get to the front door...and then up some MORE stairs to actually get "inside".

^ This is the "great room" or "big room" as we call it. To the right is a little space for a dining room table, I'm standing next to the kitchen, and the garage is right below us.

^ main bathroom

^ first bedroom

^ second bedroom

^ second bedroom

^ little linen closet

^ going back across the "big room" there are stairs that will lead you to the lower level

^ little family room

^ master bedroom

We actually ended up not even qualifying for the first time home-buyers thing (what do you mean, we make TOO much money?!)...but I know that this house would have been gone if we hadn't put an offer in on it the day we did - I am SO happy our realtor called us that day and told us we only had 3 days to get a house haha! Fun fact: after we had put in an offer and were signing papers a guy actually walked in, looked at the Realtor and said "So, um, I'm interested in buying this house..." NO way man, finders keepers.

Can nooooot believe that I OWN A HOUSE. Le sigh. 

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