06 June 2014

10 things not to tell your wife when she is on her period

Let it be known, to all of the husbands out there: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PHRASES MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. My sweet Mattie actually said one of these recently, and I told him that it deserves to be displayed on a wall of shame. Well...what are blogs for, right? Let's play a little game called "guess which one of these phrases Laynah's husband actually said in real life." 

1. Maybe you should slow down on the chocolate.

2. It's hard to keep feeling sorry for you, because your cramps just keep coming every single month.

3. Was someone murdered in our bed last night?

4. I'm just gonna sit over here and play video games until your hormones sort themselves out.

5. Are you really crying right now?

6.  I've been keeping track of all of our fights on my calendar and they always happen in the same week of each month...I'm pretty sure that proves YOU are the one being illogical here.

7. Walls of your uterus tearing itself apart or not, these clothes aren't gonna fold themselves.

8. My ex girlfriend just worked out an extra hour every day when she was on her period to get a boost of endorphins, maybe you should try that.

9.  I'm pretty sure you and I are enduring roughly the same level of misery right now.

10. I ate the last of the nutella today, because I knew you wouldn't mind.

BONUS: Did you take your midol/pamprin today?


Kimberly said...

I'm guessing #4.

And something you should NEVER say to your sister-in-law (or any woman ever really) "Is it your time of the month?" I don't care if it's a joke.

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

My guess is #5

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

Guys just don't understand it at all. My guess is #4!

STAYC @ Lacy and Crew said...

It's currently my lovely time and yesterday I told my husband (through tears) I'm adding myself to the bone marrow transplant list. He was like ummm... okay?
Haha he's never said any of the above to me (but they are hilarious -- My guess is #9?) but he DID say to me once while I was on my period, "We're going to have to work on your pain tolerance so you can give birth to a baby."
I just said you wanna rethink what you just said and have a do-over since you'll never have to push a watermelon out of your va-jayjay?
He felt bad, and it still makes me laugh. Men.

Heather said...

#2 is hilarious!

Kendra Klingler said...

I love #3. My husband said something similar to that. I was washing my undies in the sink and I had left it there to soak. Then when I had came back from work or school he said, "it looked like I murdered you" I actually laughed, but man those are all true :)

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

This post is hilarious. I laughed the whole time! My guess is #2, my husband's guess is #4, and my sis-in-law's guess is #5 or #9. Maybe #3. Haha they're all so funny!

.candace. said...

OMG I died laughing at these. I realllllly hope it was #7 but I'm not sure he'd still be alive if he said that. I'm gonna go with #6 or #4?

Brittany said...

Number 3 is my favorite! hahaha but I am guessing number 6.

Lavinia said...

The picture for this post is almost too perfect!

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh gosh these are too funny! I will go with #4 :)

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