28 June 2014

Full Recovery

I think I have recovered enough from the emotional trauma of planning my own wedding to fully enjoy all things wedding again. I went to a bridal shower last week and was reminded of the happy side of being engaged... the being completely in love part! You could see in this bride's face how excited she was to be tying the knot, and it made me so happy for her...it also made me thankful that I'll never have to endure that wait again.

This is a cardboard cutout of one of the bride's best friend's who is currently serving a mission! Isn't that adorable? Her sweet mama takes her to every gathering that Kailie wouldn't have missed if she were at home...so here she is playing pin the smooch on the groom!

I'm really looking forward to the wedding of this couple, as well as the wedding of one of my other friends who is also getting married this summer. I love love!

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Kimberly said...

Fun! My sister Kellie is getting married in September and I'm excited/nervous to decorate. I'm so chill that nothing bothered me much as a bride. I'm not sure it will be the same for her :)

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