29 June 2014

Just gushing over here

We are falling hard and fast for the country!

The new home is completely wonderful so far. We're basically in the honeymoon stage because we can't get over it and even things like laundry and cooking and cleaning are still thrilling to us! Haha, hoping that lasts as long as possible...

We like our neighbors too, so thats a plus. They apologized for barging into our house and demanding to buy it that one time we were signing papers with our Realtor...which I'm kind of glad they addressed because it was pretty awkward! Besides wanting our house, they are super nice and avid drinkers. Our other neighbors are much more mellow and all in all the street is quiet.

Mosquitoes! I never even thought about how many mosquitoes there would be living next to a lake in the summertime but...wow. One night Matthew was cleaning with the deck door open, and as night fell the clouds of mosquitoes were attracted to the lights inside and we had a serious situation on our hands. That will only happen once.

And our ward in this area is just dreamy. It's huge so there are plenty of people to get familiar with and we can't wait! Funny story...we have been in three different wards throughout our marriage and there is another couple, slightly older than us, that has been IN EVERY SINGLE ONE WITH US. They move when we move and it's so crazy how we've stayed together lol! I feel like we obviously need to be besties with a story like that.

Last night we took a walk to the lake and got all nostalgic. The last time we were there was (almost exactly) two years ago when we were getting our engagement pictures done! It's pretty dirty and definitely not swimmable, but still fun to take pictures of so I imagine many more walks there this summer.

We plan on being here for a very long time so when I'm at the house it's hard not to picture my future babies crawling down the hallway, running up and down the stairs, climbing on the counters, and slamming the doors one day when they're mad at me. The moments these walls will witness! I am being as patient as humanly possible. I have no qualms about openly admitting my desire for a family. I think some people see that as a highly personal issue, but I have honestly wanted babies for as long as I can remember and I feel like now of all times is a perfectly appropriate time to admit that...compared to when I was 14 and had to keep it to myself ha.

Basically, we are loving our current chapter while anxiously looking forward to the next. The End.

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Sara Elizabeth said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the sunflower picture!! It's AMAZING!!!!!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Wow that is crazy about the other couple moving along with you guys! And I just love that you guys are so happy with your new house!! Really, reading about how happy you are made me happy just now. And I needed that because I've kind of been a grump today. So thanks :)

Stephanie | Captured in the Lens said...

Goodness what beautiful scenery!

brooke lyn said...

the country looks good on you!

Jen @ Love, the Arthurs said...

What a beautiful place to live! So happy you are loving your new home so much. And that is seriously crazy about that other couple! definitely a sign to become besties. :)

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