25 June 2014

These are my confessionsss

I confess... that just saying the word confession gets the Usher song stuck in my head every time.
I confess... that I actually like that song, haha!

I confess... that I did not unpack one single box this weekend.
I confess... that one of my goals in life is to find MissMe jeans in my size at the thrift store because I can't stomach the price but I'm obsessed with them. I might die of happiness when that happens.

I confess.... that I finally learned how to insert a GIF in a blog post, could you tell??
I confess... that this weekend I reverted back into a teenager at my sister-in-law's 18th birthday party. I haven't hung out with highschoolers for that long since I was one (they just graduated, but same diff).

^  picture from Saturday. so. much. hair.

I confess... that people who say "I'm so weird, I (insert totally normal thing here) all the time!" are annoying.

I confess... that I've done confession posts before, but I think this is my first time linking up.


Melissa Dawn said...

Your hair is AMAZING girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

I constantly say that while I am 33 I have the mentality of a 16 year old. Dirty mind and silly antics. I see nothing wrong with this :D

ohshellsbells said...

i'm glad you did figure out how to post gifs because that michelle obama eye roll is cracking me up. and i agree with melissa, great hair! i'm totally envying it. trying to grow out a pixie cut and its a struggle. i want my mane back!

Lex said...

YES. Last week someone told me "I totally love watching chick flicks. I'm so weird." Um...not weird.

.candace. said...

BAHAHAHA!! Love the GIFs! And love the confessions...

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

You have such lovely hair!! Oh and I always hang with the highschoolers when I'm with my cousin (she's 17) but I always walk away feeling like I am way too old or they are way to mature haha ;)

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