31 July 2014

How to survive a fun run!

I have just barely finished the bubble run and already I can't wait to go back! Since I can't stop thinking about it (and planning my next one) I've decided to sit myself down and try to remember all that I've learned from my past five fun run experiences - and compile them into one post! My first time was kind of confusing because I didn't really know where to go (literally, I was lost for an hour trying to find it) or what to expect, but now I think I'm qualified enough to give out a few pointers. All of the following pictures are from the Bubble RUN's Facebook page, but I think they apply to whatever fun run you have in mind.

1. My biggest pet peeve: I am sorry, I know you love your offspring - but leave them at home if they can't walk three miles without getting tired! At the VERY least, please don't bring them until they are at an age where they can verbalize the sentence "Yes, I want to run through bubbles." I don't care if you have a cute little jogging stroller and you and your two month old jog 7 miles every single day...fun runs can be stressful for the little guys and they'll be exposed to the crowd, noise, and heat...not to mention bubbles or powder or mud or water or whatever poison you pick.

and yes, that goes for dogs too.

2. GET THERE EARLY. Trust me, you're gonna want to do this. My first time, my heat started at 9:20 and guess what time I planned on getting there? 9:20. That's a joke. I plan for at least an hour early now - even if you know exactly where the location is and you already picked up your packet the day before, it wont hurt to get there early and hang out at the pre-party. 

3. That last one brings me to...pick up your packet BEFORE race day, if at all possible. This way, you don't have to change into your shirt there (assuming that the race you signed up for gives you a shirt AND you would like to wear it) so you will be all wrapped up tight and ready for flight the moment you park your car.

4. What to wear: sunscreen. shoes you don't mind getting dirty. sunglasses. jogging pants with a pocket/backpack/something else to hold your keys. That's something else I didn't think of my first time...once I parked and got out of the car with ticket, camera, and keys in hand I asked myself "How exactly am I going to run a 5k while holding all this?" Cue jogging pants with pockets. Boom. Also, maybe consider a waterproof case for your phone or camera (even if you didn't sign up for a wet run, you still don't want that colored powder in every nook and cranny of your device). Because, this:

5. Keep in mind that a fun run is a FUN run. Most people are in it to have fun...but some people, well, they're in it to WIN IT. They really get after it...and then they die and can't enjoy the after party. Break all your personal records on some other day, overachievers! 

6. Obviously you're going to need one or more fun buddies. They should be able to get dirty without complaint and look silly without feeling self conscious. Oh and if you're going the bubble run route, consider holding their hand through the bogs because you seriously might lose them. The chance of this happening drastically increases if they are short.

7. Lastly, bring a change of clothes or towels or an old sheet to sit on for the ride home. The fun run will be real nice and all, but you don't want stained seats as a souvenir of your good time (even though both the colored powder and the bubble stain came out of my clothes, my white shirt from the mud run is still brownish).

Hey look, there's me! Do you see how I'm holding my glasses so they wouldn't get all bubbly? Ask me how that worked out, haha! So that's all I got for now, but I plan on doing many more fun runs and I would appreciate any tips YOU have that I may have missed! To close, I'm going to leave you with a link to this video of my sister-in-law and I shrieking and prancing our way through a bubble bog. It's kind of annoying so...you're welcome.

30 July 2014

The Bubble Run!

This past weekend, my cute sister in law and I drove ourselves on over to Pomona for our second annual Bubble run! (We have also done the Color run together and I have done a Zombie Mud Run, but they both fall short by a significant amount when compared to the bubble run.) We decided that we just HAVE to find a way to do this every year because being swallowed up in a giant cloud of bubbles is definitely worth the hype. Those bubble bogs are seriously so big we sometimes lose each other on the way through!

But yeah we don't actually run...at all. We just walk and chat excitedly and every now and then go dancing through a massive pile of bubbles (while taking selfies). Basically, it's the best ever. But, I mean, yeah...that's all I have to say about that. This post doesn't really have a point other than to share sudsy pictures and gush about how much fun I had.

PS - obviously fun clothes are required for a fun run. We ditched the feather boas because it was hot as blazes, but we did do the wings...bubble fairy wings, if you will.

28 July 2014

I'm doing my first giveaway?

Honestly, I feel kind of awkward about it...like an imposter almost. I've never done a giveaway before and it feels like I'm crossing some kind of blogger threshold... Why does this remind of me being the new kid back in elementary school - who wants to make new friends but feels super self conscious while doing so?? All I know is that when a blogger like Amy sends you an email inviting you into her super cool club of blogger chicks who do giveaways, you take the offer. 

So go ahead and enter if winning $130 is your thing. Or, don't because I entered too haha. #lesscompetition

27 July 2014

My photography skills took a night off.

Not at some major event or anything that NEEDED to be documented, just a nice little dinner with friends we haven't seen in a while. We had the most perfect, beautiful time with them, and afterwards I saw this little area that would be cute for a photo op. To my dismay, I couldn't get my camera settings quite right - but it was such a good night that it that it doesn't really matter in the end.

These two friends of ours have been REALLY close friends with Matthew since before we were dating, and then I just kind of became their friend by default. We love them so much and both of them have finally found (what looks to be at this point) "the one". It was REALLY exciting to meet their other halves and have our first triple date. I hope there are many more nights like this in the future.

Now, onto my photog problems...the sun had set and it was getting kind of dark, but instead of turning up the ISO I slowed down the shutter speed. I didn't want the ISO to ruin the dang quality but obviously that was a failure!! Blurry blurry blurry...

Some turned out ookayyy

And I love this one:

When I complained about my lack luster skills at a dark time of day they asked "Why don't you just use flash?" To which I answered "Ehh I'm pretty sure that will just make it awkward." But finally they convinced me to try it and of course I was right, the pictures turned out awkward as ever! Haha!

22 July 2014

My Five

Lately everybody has been sharing 5 pictures that make them feel the most beautiful. I haven't gotten tagged yet but I want to jump in anyways, I just love tags like this that force you to look at the things you like about yourself!

1. This is from when we were dating - about two weeks in. When my afternoon class got out I would sit in the grass by a shady tree and read...or take selfies while I waited for my Mattie to come pick me up and have an adventure with me. 

2. This is a picture from after we were engaged. We were fighting this day. We had had a disagreement, but I was REALLY sad and wanted to make up. My parents were going into town though, so I decided to get pretty and see if I could convince Matthew to come to a movie and in/n/out with us on the hour long car ride there...but had no luck! THEN I was mad that I got pretty for nothing and he said something alone the lines of "Oh, I didn't know you wanted me to come with you guys..." I was SO MAD haha. I don't know what it was about my makeup that day but I felt absolutely beautiful and, regardless of being upset, since then I honestly don't think I've felt as beautiful as I did this day. 

3. Right after we got engaged, I went on a family camping trip to Hume Lake...my last vacation with my family as a single lady. I know I don't have any makeup up, but my girls just make me feel so NEEDED every second I am with them that I can't help but feel beautiful (not pictured: about 15 others, including boys haha). I love my littles and miss them to pieces, because I don't get to see them nearly as much now as I did back before I had a Mattie. I'm scared that they wont remember how close we were as they grow up.

4. This is the wedding picture that I feel the prettiest in. I like that it hints at the fact that I am the center of his world...which I totally am lol.

5. No special story, just a (probably highly edited) shot from family pictures about a year into our marriage.

6. And finally, this one. Just kidding - I think it's the ugliest picture of me EVER! Haha! I'm pretty sure this hideous face scared him straight because he gently and delicately fed me that piece of cake...such a relief.

20 July 2014

More surprises

This weekend my family and I celebrated my Crawley grandpa's 80th birthday with a surprise party! I also learned that two entire containers of red food coloring will STILL result in pink fondant. Then I shared a silly story (mentioned here) from the pulpit about that one time I unknowingly (and publicly!) told my future father in law that I was actively trying to become engaged. All in all it was a good weekend.

16 July 2014

Confessin' and such

1. I pierced my own ear. I actually got them professionally pierced, but then realized that one ear was way lower than the other one so I had to pierce it again myself! It didn't hurt because I used a candle and an ice cube but it's still a little crooked so I don't know how "worth it" it was haha.

2. I'll never be a cowgirl for halloween because I consider myself to be one in real life...even though I don't have a horse and I wont even get one in the near future.

3. I've never had a celebrity crush. But I was kind of obsessed with Katy in highschool.

4. I don't even really like her anymore because she got a little weird...but I pretend to be a fan still in hopes that she'll chill out one day ha! Dear Katy: stop...just, no. 

5. I have WEIRD pregnant dreams all the time and I write them all down because I want to share them with the world but it would be wayyyy too weird for me to do so right now. So I plan on sharing them once I'm actually pregnant and nobody can judge me then. Wait what? Did I just admit that?

6. All the GIF's in this post are basically just celebrity women being awkward haha ;) linkin' up!

13 July 2014

Wedding Weekend

I had such a bad day Friday...it was seriously like the universe wanted to see me fail and everything that can go wrong, did. I don't want to go into extreme detail, but just for example: I was eating nachos at lunch and I dropped my chip CHEESE DOWN on my black lace skirt. There was a 50/50 chance for success there and luck was just NOT on my side that day haha! But I powered through it and really had a good time at my friend's wedding, which was just stunning. Her dress, my gosh I cant even get over it.

It is such a struggle to not go full-on paparazzi at such a beautiful event like this! These two love birds have known they were meant for each other since he took her to junior prom wayyy back in the day and it was wonderful to see them start a life together. They are definitely the "smash the cake in your face" and "I'm going to stick my whole face in your dress to retrieve the garter" type so the reception was super fun! 

Waah I didn't get my camera settings right on the cake cutting picture!

Incredibly sweet daddy daughter dance, oh my gosh!
I think this is my favorite part at any wedding.

The dress: lace and tulle, separated by some bling. Perf.

After this, we had our very FIRST house guests! We haven't even unpacked all the way and we don't have any furniture so they slept on our floor...but it was so exciting having people over for the first time!

11 July 2014

Oh hey Friday!

It has kind of been a doozy of a week. Every day except for yesterday, I've been busy after work and dressed up nicer than usual (because who wants to go through two pairs of clothes in one day?!)...and on the one day I didn't have anything going on (yesterday) I was such a bum! My coworkers are making fun of me because I've either been in skirts and heels...or practically wearing pajamas. Usually there is more of a balance but not this week haha!

Soooo for the first ever Oh hey, Friday! I'm linking up with the gals and I'm going to talk about...you guessed it, clothes! Apparently I am itching for change because two weeks ago I chopped my hair off...then I gave myself bangs and regretted it immediately after...and then, yesterday, I got rid of half my closet! Call it spring cleaning or whatever you will, but I just have new found desire to get rid of all the clutter in my life! And yes, hair that is way too long can be considered clutter when all it is is a big fat mess hanging from your head.

1 - Obviously I'm going to need some new clothes at some point, so my plan is to go slow and steady and invest in pieces that I LOVE and that are going to LAST me. Yesterday I got a classic black button up and a crochet lace skirt...and I'm not a fashion blogger so just pretend this girl is me:

2 - Another staple I want is a nice basic striped shirt.

3 - Next, will be a blazer! They are so perfect with a tee and for dressing up but I haven't found one I love yet because I think the fit needs to be perfect! Once I find one, I might get it in every color.

4 - And, I know this isn't a basic, but I want more church outfits that aren't black! I have so many black skirts and a couple of black dresses (right now I'm wearing a black lace skirt with the black button up I just got) and it's practical but I feel too dark! I'm going to a wedding tonight but I feel like I'm dressed for a funeral! Haha I know black is all the rage right now and I see girls wearing head to toe black all the time but it's not me. I need soft pretty colors.

5 - Okay and I know I said I would talk about clothes, but this music video is TOO PERFECT and should be watched by everyone. So it's my number five. Seriously, watch it right now.

09 July 2014

I'm getting too old for this

Last night my Mattie and I went to a freaking concert. That was two hours away. On a Tuesday. When we both have to be up early. Needless to say, I am dead today! I remember talking nonstop on the drive home last night to keep my Mattie awake, and I can't remember a word I said but I bet it was borderline genius...right now I am on the brink of that same level of exhaustion so blogging really isn't recommended but I'm doing it anyway. Please excuse my incoherence if I stop making sense at any time.

What was the band that was so important that I was willing to risk our all-around well being today just to see them for a couple hours last night? MKTO. My new fave, who nobody seems to have even heard of (watch and learn). It was a nice show I guess but if you're asking me right now, I'm not sure it was worth it haha!

Remember the other day when I cut my bangs? Well I did so for the sole purpose of not having a naked forehead for the hairstyle pictures below (I wanted to dress "classic" like their song lol). That one was DEFINITELY not worth it...it looks cute in this picture but by the end of the night the sweat was making them stick to my face and I am officially over them. Should have listened to my 2008 self when I looked into the mirror and made myself promise to never get bangs again!

My sweet...sweet sweet Mattie had to be up earlier than I do and didn't complain once last night! Towards the end of the night when I was tired I even started getting grouchy at him and then I was like "I am a horrible person. Look what he is doing for me" Unfortunately he is used to bouts of grouchy any time my basic needs are not met (temperature, food, sleep. I just really need those things to be satisfactory, thanks) so he probably wasn't even surprised. Ugh. I have to make it up to him today.

The band Action Item opened for MKTO and I LOVED them! Omgah best opening band ever. Love.

Then Tony and Malcom showed up and Malcom looks just like he did when he starred in Lost so I just couldn't stop laughing and had to resist the urge to yell "WAAAALT!" the entire time (oh and he was kind of a spazz so it made it even funnier. He was hopping around everywhere and yelling/singing but I'm pretty sure they turned his mic off sometimes because I could only hear him sometimes). I really like listening to their songs but I also really like not being surrounded by screaming fan girls, so I'm not interested in ever going again.

Then we got out in time to see Disneyland's fireworks, so that was fun!

Remind me never to go to another concert on a weeknight again.

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