31 July 2014

How to survive a fun run!

I have just barely finished the bubble run and already I can't wait to go back! Since I can't stop thinking about it (and planning my next one) I've decided to sit myself down and try to remember all that I've learned from my past five fun run experiences - and compile them into one post! My first time was kind of confusing because I didn't really know where to go (literally, I was lost for an hour trying to find it) or what to expect, but now I think I'm qualified enough to give out a few pointers. All of the following pictures are from the Bubble RUN's Facebook page, but I think they apply to whatever fun run you have in mind.

1. My biggest pet peeve: I am sorry, I know you love your offspring - but leave them at home if they can't walk three miles without getting tired! At the VERY least, please don't bring them until they are at an age where they can verbalize the sentence "Yes, I want to run through bubbles." I don't care if you have a cute little jogging stroller and you and your two month old jog 7 miles every single day...fun runs can be stressful for the little guys and they'll be exposed to the crowd, noise, and heat...not to mention bubbles or powder or mud or water or whatever poison you pick.

and yes, that goes for dogs too.

2. GET THERE EARLY. Trust me, you're gonna want to do this. My first time, my heat started at 9:20 and guess what time I planned on getting there? 9:20. That's a joke. I plan for at least an hour early now - even if you know exactly where the location is and you already picked up your packet the day before, it wont hurt to get there early and hang out at the pre-party. 

3. That last one brings me to...pick up your packet BEFORE race day, if at all possible. This way, you don't have to change into your shirt there (assuming that the race you signed up for gives you a shirt AND you would like to wear it) so you will be all wrapped up tight and ready for flight the moment you park your car.

4. What to wear: sunscreen. shoes you don't mind getting dirty. sunglasses. jogging pants with a pocket/backpack/something else to hold your keys. That's something else I didn't think of my first time...once I parked and got out of the car with ticket, camera, and keys in hand I asked myself "How exactly am I going to run a 5k while holding all this?" Cue jogging pants with pockets. Boom. Also, maybe consider a waterproof case for your phone or camera (even if you didn't sign up for a wet run, you still don't want that colored powder in every nook and cranny of your device). Because, this:

5. Keep in mind that a fun run is a FUN run. Most people are in it to have fun...but some people, well, they're in it to WIN IT. They really get after it...and then they die and can't enjoy the after party. Break all your personal records on some other day, overachievers! 

6. Obviously you're going to need one or more fun buddies. They should be able to get dirty without complaint and look silly without feeling self conscious. Oh and if you're going the bubble run route, consider holding their hand through the bogs because you seriously might lose them. The chance of this happening drastically increases if they are short.

7. Lastly, bring a change of clothes or towels or an old sheet to sit on for the ride home. The fun run will be real nice and all, but you don't want stained seats as a souvenir of your good time (even though both the colored powder and the bubble stain came out of my clothes, my white shirt from the mud run is still brownish).

Hey look, there's me! Do you see how I'm holding my glasses so they wouldn't get all bubbly? Ask me how that worked out, haha! So that's all I got for now, but I plan on doing many more fun runs and I would appreciate any tips YOU have that I may have missed! To close, I'm going to leave you with a link to this video of my sister-in-law and I shrieking and prancing our way through a bubble bog. It's kind of annoying so...you're welcome.


Danielle Faith said...

Oh my goodness! I would've never survived all those bubbles! I would've been playing with them in one spot and/or running around in circles with them forever!

Kimberly said...

Okay I could maybe do a bubble run. No to mud, no to zombies and I don't really want to do the color run either. But bubbles looks fun! And I don't like running regular runs with a stroller, why on earth would someone do a run like this with their kids!?!?!

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