11 July 2014

Oh hey Friday!

It has kind of been a doozy of a week. Every day except for yesterday, I've been busy after work and dressed up nicer than usual (because who wants to go through two pairs of clothes in one day?!)...and on the one day I didn't have anything going on (yesterday) I was such a bum! My coworkers are making fun of me because I've either been in skirts and heels...or practically wearing pajamas. Usually there is more of a balance but not this week haha!

Soooo for the first ever Oh hey, Friday! I'm linking up with the gals and I'm going to talk about...you guessed it, clothes! Apparently I am itching for change because two weeks ago I chopped my hair off...then I gave myself bangs and regretted it immediately after...and then, yesterday, I got rid of half my closet! Call it spring cleaning or whatever you will, but I just have new found desire to get rid of all the clutter in my life! And yes, hair that is way too long can be considered clutter when all it is is a big fat mess hanging from your head.

1 - Obviously I'm going to need some new clothes at some point, so my plan is to go slow and steady and invest in pieces that I LOVE and that are going to LAST me. Yesterday I got a classic black button up and a crochet lace skirt...and I'm not a fashion blogger so just pretend this girl is me:

2 - Another staple I want is a nice basic striped shirt.

3 - Next, will be a blazer! They are so perfect with a tee and for dressing up but I haven't found one I love yet because I think the fit needs to be perfect! Once I find one, I might get it in every color.

4 - And, I know this isn't a basic, but I want more church outfits that aren't black! I have so many black skirts and a couple of black dresses (right now I'm wearing a black lace skirt with the black button up I just got) and it's practical but I feel too dark! I'm going to a wedding tonight but I feel like I'm dressed for a funeral! Haha I know black is all the rage right now and I see girls wearing head to toe black all the time but it's not me. I need soft pretty colors.

5 - Okay and I know I said I would talk about clothes, but this music video is TOO PERFECT and should be watched by everyone. So it's my number five. Seriously, watch it right now.


Karli | September F A R M said...

love it. love it all.

Kate said...

perfect taste and a great song!

amy johnson said...

so SO cute. Thanks for linking up today gal!!

Brittany said...

I love that music video.

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