31 August 2014

Devil's Punch Bowl

You know how you never do any of the touristy things in your own area? My friend told me a funny story the other day...her family from France came to visit her in California and they really wanted to go to the Hollywood sign. She said "Great idea, I've never been myself!" and they gave her such a hard time about it, they couldn't believe it! Next thing she knows, they're telling her that they've never even been to the Eiffel Tower...and they live a half hour away! Ha!

I am guilty of this (there is a LOT to do in here!) but I am trying to get around to doing everything! Just last month I went to the observatory...and then we TRIED to go to the Pantages but it didn't quite work out. So we're trying. There are a few cool hikes around here in Southern California, and we've just never gotten around to doing them, but we finally checked one off the list this weekend! 

I bring you, the Devil's Punchbowl. Or Punch Bowl, I'm not exactly sure. Either way, it's a pretty hiking trail sort of in the mountains by Wrightwood. And we had suuuuch a good time together - we forgot how nice it is to actually go and do something instead of dinner and a movie all the time.

Matthew is so tan and my camera made him look orange in some of these pictures for some reason? I really need to edit these and reduce the saturation but we've gone too far - I just don't feel like doing it right now. BTW, I have soooo much self tanner on and you can't even tell because it only brought me from ghost-white to normal skin color ha! So I don't look it, but I feel super tan.

In this one he doesn't look orange, and I know I used a flash here. I wonder if that's what did it...

29 August 2014

Jamberry Giveaway :)

Hey girls heyyy. I've never done a giveaway of my very own before, so I am excited! I la la looove Jamberry so much and I think you should love it too. For free. So go pick your favorite design here, enter the giveaway below, and then cross your little fingers that you win! 

This picture was taken on day seven of my jamicure and as you can see, they're still pretty fly. It's exciting because finger nail polish NEVER lasts that long on me! I'm actually sick of being patient, I wish these ones would fall off already because I have my next ones picked out and I can't wait to have a new design on my nails....so if you ask me, they last TOO long haha! 

PS - another way to get free stuff is to "host" an online Facebook party. You basically do nothing but hang out on Facebook and collect your rewards. I got SEVEN free sheets from hosting my party - enough for at least 14 manicures and 14 pedicures.

PSS - I have soooo many free samples. It's actually ridiculous, I'm pretty sure if I laid them in a line edge to edge they would be taller than me. So claim one! Here are the sample options:

26 August 2014

We all know what ALS is now...what about XP?

XP stands for a really hard to pronounce, truly unique, life altering condition. You can read more about it here. Everyone's been doing this ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS and that makes me SO happy, because when a condition is rare and nobody really knows about it, the pharmaceutical companies don't have too much of an incentive to research and develop drugs for it. It's just not profitable.

There's a little boy that I teach at church with XP. To simplify it, I usually just say "he's allergic to the sun" ..but basically his body can't repair the damage caused by UV rays. Minimal sun exposure will leave him sunburned and blistered. He has to wear sunscreen everyday. His clothes are treated with special SPF detergents and rinses. The windows in his home and car are blacked out. A simple trip to the park requires layers and layers of sun protection, such as a UV resistant hood and gloves. Imagine how hot you would be wearing that while trying to play outside in the middle of the summer! He has cooling vests to avoid heat stroke and the like, but I can imagine it would still feel like you were suffocating.

Like ALS, XP is extremely rare and doesn't get a lot of media coverage. His family is desperately trying to raise awareness, and their plan is to have someone come up with a short, informational video about it. Except they don't know how to make videos (...and either do I, haha). So I thought that maybe one of you might know how? Or know someone who knows how? PLEASE contact my friend Savannah if you do! 

25 August 2014

Things that make my heart happy : Episode XXIIV

Often, when I drive to and from town on the little road that goes through ranch country, I see a group of horses grazing off in the distance. This weekend I noticed them grazing RIGHT by their fence, so I HAD to stop and get a picture of them with that beautiful backdrop. I wasn't even expecting them to be friendly, but they were too beautiful to simply drive past and not take a picture of!

They all ended up coming over to me to say hello to me - without any coaxing or clicking or encouraging them in any way I found myself with the full attention of like ten horses at once! I was in horse lovers heaven.

I do NOT exaggerate when I tell you that I could have stayed there for hours. Hours. I used to do that all the time with my mom's friend's horses...she would go visit her friend and I would walk straight back to where the horses were and sit there with them while the sun crept across the sky. I would brush them, pick their feet, lay on their backs and just love them. It's a good thing I was late to a baby shower on this particular day or I might have ended up doing the same thing with these guys. So pretty.

Proof that I actually went to the baby shower:

22 August 2014

What's fair is fair!

I had the beesssst night the other night with my momma and baby brothers! PS - yes, these are in fact my baby brothers. Do you like how they look giant next to me?

We went to the fair, I shot pictures to my little hearts content, and we rode all of the sketchiest rides on the planet. Seriously, fair rides are 90% more scary than the big, bad, 90 degree drop, crazy looping monster coasters I ride at Magic Mountain. It's the trust factor...you just can't relax on a ride that may kill you at any moment! Participating in near death experiences on your own free will - it's the best way to bond.

While we're on the subject (just kidding, I know this is random) how EPIC are my jams this week?! 
Wedding photos for the win!

PS - Free shipping on all Jamberry orders if you email me which style you'd like by Monday (DON'T go through laynahrose.jamberry.com, email me directly)

20 August 2014

My Google Searches

I love to look through my google searches and see how people stumbled across this little blog! They are so random and wacky...it makes me wonder what the heck they were actually trying to find?! Here's some recent ones I got a kick out of:

Michael Scott at work - Obviously my blog popped up for this because I explained once how my boss is exactly like Michael Scott from The Office.

What do Mormons wear to go swimming - Wait, first of all, people really wonder this? Anyways, if you're looking for answers I actually did write a pretty informative post about it here so I guess that would be helpful, haha.

Peeing in a porta potty - Have I got the thing for you, if this is something you actually need to know! Matthew demonstrated on this beach trip exactly how to line a porta potty. You're welcome haha.

Swag - Obviously my blog has swag written all over it. Just kidding, I have NO idea how somebody could have possibly found me after searching this because I honestly don't think I have ever mentioned it. Until now.

I wore a tutu skirt - Appropriate for more than just dance recitals, you guys! Once I actually wore my tutu to a job interview! This is also the post where I confessed how much I HATED being a nursing assistant.

Why I take pictures of everything - I ask myself that question all the time. Unfortunately, you wont find your answers here because I don't know! In fact, I've stopped wondering why I have the urge to document everything and have simply embraced the way I become a paparazzi in nearly every social situation. I am totally the awkward camera lady and that is never changing.

14 August 2014

Eva's Maternity Pictures

The other night one of my photog friends invited me to go help her take some pictures of a local vineyard for a brochure she is making. When I got there I quickly realized that I forgot she had also mentioned that I should take her maternity pictures while we were there! I was freaking out a little because I hadn't prepared...and also because she is a real life photographer instead of a wannabe like me, so I was really intimidated! Well I don't know how, but I think I actually managed to get some good shots!  I am so excited that I didn't blow this.

Oh yeah, and it was sooo windy - it's a miracle we even got one shot without her hair covering her face!

12 August 2014

Dog Update

SHE RAN AWAY. That dang Dixie dog ran away...with our hearts! No but seriously. She came, made us fall in love with her, and left. She dug a hole while we were gone at work one day (as we were in the process of getting her a friend so she wouldn't be lonely while we were at work)! I guess she's just a free spirit.

At least we built her a fence! Hahaha...

Totally in his element. After he looked at our family album from last year he said "This is an inaccurate representation of me - there's no pictures of me working!" Haha

The fence is gorgeous, but he's so upset about Dixie leaving he wants to take the entire thing down! Not happening.

10 August 2014

Jam. Berry.

So I jumped on the Jamberry bandwagon and became a consultant! I am...SUPER nervous to be honest because it feels weird to throw myself out there like this. It's hard not to think of everything that might go wrong when you start something new...

BUT then I thought that it couldn't be too hard to sell something that's actually worth buying, right?? Jamberry wraps really are as amazing as they say. I became interested because I was sick of being furniture-less in my new house, then my friend shared that she makes $400-$600 dollars every month selling Jamberry! And by selling I mean going to manicure parties, of course. You can't sell something if you aren't absolutely in love with it, and luckily it is sooo easy to fall in love with Jamberry nails. My three favorite things about them are:

  1. The DESIGNS. I actually like them more than I anticipated because I truly want every. single. one. Unfortunately that will take a while because they have over 300 designs.
  2. The time I save. They only take like 15 minutes to apply, and if I need to do dishes 5 minutes after I do my nails ITS NOT A PROBLEM. They will still stay on for two weeks, and that's pretty epic.
  3. The cost. I can just forget about getting these designs done every two weeks at a salon with my budget (and DIYing isn't gonna happen either haha)! Each sheet of wraps contains enough for two manicures, two pedicures, and a couple of accent nails. The price comes out to a little over $3 per manicure if I did my math correctly. AKA it costs less than what your tip would be in a salon.
So yeah. Here they are in action:

See what I mean about wanting every single design? It's such a cute look when you mix and match coordinating patterns like that! I'm not gonna turn my blog into a platform to sell you nail wraps, but I'm sure it will be mentioned every now and then because it is a part of my life now and I anticipate some personal growth from it as I put myself out there, learn new things, and see if I can be good at something new.

I will say that if you love them as much as I do, hosting a "party" is a good way to get free stuff. We can do it right on Facebook, which you're already doing anyways haha! Basically we create an event, invite all your friends, and I mail them samples of Jamberry to try for themselves. They post pictures of how their samples are holding up against their expensive name brand polish, I answer questions, and everyone has fabulous nails. Then you get free stuff. All without leaving your couch!

PS - The average party has a little over $300 in orders so you would be getting 1 sheet of Jamberry wraps (good for two manicures and two pedicures) $45 in product credit, 4 half price items, 25% off of your entire order, and a hostess exclusive item. Contact me if you're interested.

PSS - If you're only a liiiiitttle bit interested and don't want to have a party just yet, try them first! I do have samples for you to try, but they're going fast.

08 August 2014

Rescuing a dog...but first, let me take a selfie!

Yesterday I was driving home when the car in front of me swerved and got my attention. Next thing I know, theres a dang dog right in front of my car and I had to brake and swerve as well! My heart hurt a little because I had just barely passed a dead dog on the side of the road, so I felt obligated to pull over and help. Well...I felt really dumb when I got out of my car, because the dog just barked at me and ran away...right in front of another car! So I was like "screw that" and turned around to leave. She followed me even though she didn't trust me yet, and even though I didn't trust her yet either I opened my back door just to see what she would do. She jumped right in and she just looked so scared my heart broke. So obviously I took her home and cooked her chicken and rice. And brushed her. And gave her a temporary name. And she was super clingy and needed lots of loves from me all night.

THEN I had to tell Matthew. I was really nervous because he claims to not like dogs (I've been begging for one for basically our entire marriage) because he is allergic...but we agreed I would put a craigslist ad up for her and take her to the vet to see if she was microchipped. Lo and behold, he came home with dog bowls, soap, carpet cleaner, a brush, and a dog bed haha! We had already agreed she would sleep in the garage, but I didn't say anything when he put the bed in the living room. Then when I got out of the shower I heard him talking to her softly and petting her...shortly after that, he moved her dog bed into our room, haha! 

Right now we're still looking for an owner, I found a "lost pets" facebook page for my area and put her pictures up there, so we will see. I also found a local kennel that houses lost pets until they are found, and when I brought it up to Mattie he got kind of sad, so it looks like we're hanging on to her if she doesn't get claimed.

PS - Her name is Dixie if she doesn't get claimed.

03 August 2014

The biggest battle of our marriage

Decorating a room can be traumatizing, dontchya know. I grew up under the notion that whoever I married WOULD NOT CARE or barely even notice how I decorated (my dad sure didn't)! But it turns out that Matthew does care. A lot. His style and mine are COMPLETELY different, which makes my self-given task of home decorator veryyyy difficult. 

Finally, a few months ago, he was talking with his uncle who also shares this fear of letting his wife decorate their home. The two of them were discussing how troubling it can be to give their wives free reign, when his uncle had an epiphany. He had been married with this fear for his entire marriage (over ten years?) and his dang house still looks bare because of it! He came to the realization that mayyybe it isn't worth it and the world mayyyy not come crashing down if his wife selects a throw pillow she likes. Maybe. He said all of this out loud, right there in front of Matthew and I (notice how he's not my Mattie in this post haha!) while Matthew sat in stunned silence.

He then challenged Matthew (praise!) to just stop caring. It's not that big a big deal after all, so what's the harm in letting me decorate? If Matthew hates the dang rug, life will still go on. My husband reluctantly agreed and, over the next few months as we were buying the house, he mentally prepared for the havoc that would surely follow. 

Sorry this post is so long, but that was just the prelude! 

As soon as Matthew told me that I was "allowed" to decorate, my gears started turning. I knew I wanted turquoise and tan because those colors make me happy...obviously that means beach theme, right? Okay fine, I guess. Truth be told I didn't want a beach theme though. What I REALLY wanted was subtle African elements for like a calm African vibe - I just hated the red and other bold colors that I thought you had to have for a safari room (thats the sound of me thinking while keeping both feet FIRMLY inside of "the box")!

Just for kicks I decided to make this collage of the turquoise and tan room I want - except throw in African elements instead of beachy elements (say what?! you can do that?). Apparently you can, because I LOVED it. Ten minutes ago, I completed my collage and proudly unveiled the finished product.

Mattie's reaction? "Don't ever show me that again."

Calm Africa

Calm Africa by laynahrose 

Hahaha so dramaticThat translates too "I hate it, but I did say that you could decorate...so please just do it quick like a band aid!" 

Please note that this post is all in good fun and I don't actually resent him for this - it used to be a super sore subject but by now I think it's too ridiculous to even take seriously. Him and I both know that I'll get my way on this one, and I'm honestly proud of him for letting me take him so far out of his comfort zone (no matter how silly I think that comfort zone is, it's legitimate for him). I just keep moving forward with the sound knowledge that he will dislike anything I do, and I am allowed to be excited regardless of whether he likes it or not. Like I tell him all the time "You can either be happy, or you can be right." Haha ;) 

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