10 August 2014

Jam. Berry.

So I jumped on the Jamberry bandwagon and became a consultant! I am...SUPER nervous to be honest because it feels weird to throw myself out there like this. It's hard not to think of everything that might go wrong when you start something new...

BUT then I thought that it couldn't be too hard to sell something that's actually worth buying, right?? Jamberry wraps really are as amazing as they say. I became interested because I was sick of being furniture-less in my new house, then my friend shared that she makes $400-$600 dollars every month selling Jamberry! And by selling I mean going to manicure parties, of course. You can't sell something if you aren't absolutely in love with it, and luckily it is sooo easy to fall in love with Jamberry nails. My three favorite things about them are:

  1. The DESIGNS. I actually like them more than I anticipated because I truly want every. single. one. Unfortunately that will take a while because they have over 300 designs.
  2. The time I save. They only take like 15 minutes to apply, and if I need to do dishes 5 minutes after I do my nails ITS NOT A PROBLEM. They will still stay on for two weeks, and that's pretty epic.
  3. The cost. I can just forget about getting these designs done every two weeks at a salon with my budget (and DIYing isn't gonna happen either haha)! Each sheet of wraps contains enough for two manicures, two pedicures, and a couple of accent nails. The price comes out to a little over $3 per manicure if I did my math correctly. AKA it costs less than what your tip would be in a salon.
So yeah. Here they are in action:

See what I mean about wanting every single design? It's such a cute look when you mix and match coordinating patterns like that! I'm not gonna turn my blog into a platform to sell you nail wraps, but I'm sure it will be mentioned every now and then because it is a part of my life now and I anticipate some personal growth from it as I put myself out there, learn new things, and see if I can be good at something new.

I will say that if you love them as much as I do, hosting a "party" is a good way to get free stuff. We can do it right on Facebook, which you're already doing anyways haha! Basically we create an event, invite all your friends, and I mail them samples of Jamberry to try for themselves. They post pictures of how their samples are holding up against their expensive name brand polish, I answer questions, and everyone has fabulous nails. Then you get free stuff. All without leaving your couch!

PS - The average party has a little over $300 in orders so you would be getting 1 sheet of Jamberry wraps (good for two manicures and two pedicures) $45 in product credit, 4 half price items, 25% off of your entire order, and a hostess exclusive item. Contact me if you're interested.

PSS - If you're only a liiiiitttle bit interested and don't want to have a party just yet, try them first! I do have samples for you to try, but they're going fast.


Jess said...

I'm still on the fence on how well they would stay on. If I knew they would survive at least a week I'd def. try buying them.

Aukele Cockett-Askew said...

I sell Thirty-One Gifts... LOVE IT!

Laurie Olsen said...

i have yet to try these but i've heard such good things. and anything that saves me the time wasted painting my nails is a winner in my book.

Laurie Olsen said...

i have yet to try these but i've heard such good things. and anything that saves me the time wasted painting my nails is a winner in my book.

Shyree said...

Are those your hands? You should seriously consider hand modeling as like a side career or something.

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