29 August 2014

Jamberry Giveaway :)

Hey girls heyyy. I've never done a giveaway of my very own before, so I am excited! I la la looove Jamberry so much and I think you should love it too. For free. So go pick your favorite design here, enter the giveaway below, and then cross your little fingers that you win! 

This picture was taken on day seven of my jamicure and as you can see, they're still pretty fly. It's exciting because finger nail polish NEVER lasts that long on me! I'm actually sick of being patient, I wish these ones would fall off already because I have my next ones picked out and I can't wait to have a new design on my nails....so if you ask me, they last TOO long haha! 

PS - another way to get free stuff is to "host" an online Facebook party. You basically do nothing but hang out on Facebook and collect your rewards. I got SEVEN free sheets from hosting my party - enough for at least 14 manicures and 14 pedicures.

PSS - I have soooo many free samples. It's actually ridiculous, I'm pretty sure if I laid them in a line edge to edge they would be taller than me. So claim one! Here are the sample options:


Shannon said...

cute nails!!!!!

.candace. said...

That leopard one is to DIE FOR!!!!

Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

So I put FSU as the design of my choice because I've seen Florida State Jams, but when I looked at your website I didn't see them? Are they gone?

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