20 August 2014

My Google Searches

I love to look through my google searches and see how people stumbled across this little blog! They are so random and wacky...it makes me wonder what the heck they were actually trying to find?! Here's some recent ones I got a kick out of:

Michael Scott at work - Obviously my blog popped up for this because I explained once how my boss is exactly like Michael Scott from The Office.

What do Mormons wear to go swimming - Wait, first of all, people really wonder this? Anyways, if you're looking for answers I actually did write a pretty informative post about it here so I guess that would be helpful, haha.

Peeing in a porta potty - Have I got the thing for you, if this is something you actually need to know! Matthew demonstrated on this beach trip exactly how to line a porta potty. You're welcome haha.

Swag - Obviously my blog has swag written all over it. Just kidding, I have NO idea how somebody could have possibly found me after searching this because I honestly don't think I have ever mentioned it. Until now.

I wore a tutu skirt - Appropriate for more than just dance recitals, you guys! Once I actually wore my tutu to a job interview! This is also the post where I confessed how much I HATED being a nursing assistant.

Why I take pictures of everything - I ask myself that question all the time. Unfortunately, you wont find your answers here because I don't know! In fact, I've stopped wondering why I have the urge to document everything and have simply embraced the way I become a paparazzi in nearly every social situation. I am totally the awkward camera lady and that is never changing.


Lex said...

haha love the peeing in a porta potty one.

Laurie Olsen said...

I am constantly wondering how to pee in a porta potty. I knew there was a reason I read your blog.

Jess said...

hahah those searches are great. Ill have to go read the porta potty one.

Plus, tutus rock!

Kenzie Smith said...

These are great! This makes me want to see if anything has popped up for my blog :) I'm not sure how to check with WordPress though... Let the search commence!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

How do you know what searches led to your blog?

Shyree said...

lol This is hilarious. I'm supposed to be going through looking for photos for that interview post, but instead i'm getting distracted and reading everything.

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