03 August 2014

The biggest battle of our marriage

Decorating a room can be traumatizing, dontchya know. I grew up under the notion that whoever I married WOULD NOT CARE or barely even notice how I decorated (my dad sure didn't)! But it turns out that Matthew does care. A lot. His style and mine are COMPLETELY different, which makes my self-given task of home decorator veryyyy difficult. 

Finally, a few months ago, he was talking with his uncle who also shares this fear of letting his wife decorate their home. The two of them were discussing how troubling it can be to give their wives free reign, when his uncle had an epiphany. He had been married with this fear for his entire marriage (over ten years?) and his dang house still looks bare because of it! He came to the realization that mayyybe it isn't worth it and the world mayyyy not come crashing down if his wife selects a throw pillow she likes. Maybe. He said all of this out loud, right there in front of Matthew and I (notice how he's not my Mattie in this post haha!) while Matthew sat in stunned silence.

He then challenged Matthew (praise!) to just stop caring. It's not that big a big deal after all, so what's the harm in letting me decorate? If Matthew hates the dang rug, life will still go on. My husband reluctantly agreed and, over the next few months as we were buying the house, he mentally prepared for the havoc that would surely follow. 

Sorry this post is so long, but that was just the prelude! 

As soon as Matthew told me that I was "allowed" to decorate, my gears started turning. I knew I wanted turquoise and tan because those colors make me happy...obviously that means beach theme, right? Okay fine, I guess. Truth be told I didn't want a beach theme though. What I REALLY wanted was subtle African elements for like a calm African vibe - I just hated the red and other bold colors that I thought you had to have for a safari room (thats the sound of me thinking while keeping both feet FIRMLY inside of "the box")!

Just for kicks I decided to make this collage of the turquoise and tan room I want - except throw in African elements instead of beachy elements (say what?! you can do that?). Apparently you can, because I LOVED it. Ten minutes ago, I completed my collage and proudly unveiled the finished product.

Mattie's reaction? "Don't ever show me that again."

Calm Africa

Calm Africa by laynahrose 

Hahaha so dramaticThat translates too "I hate it, but I did say that you could decorate...so please just do it quick like a band aid!" 

Please note that this post is all in good fun and I don't actually resent him for this - it used to be a super sore subject but by now I think it's too ridiculous to even take seriously. Him and I both know that I'll get my way on this one, and I'm honestly proud of him for letting me take him so far out of his comfort zone (no matter how silly I think that comfort zone is, it's legitimate for him). I just keep moving forward with the sound knowledge that he will dislike anything I do, and I am allowed to be excited regardless of whether he likes it or not. Like I tell him all the time "You can either be happy, or you can be right." Haha ;) 


Kimberly said...

I totally understand! Adam is more opinionated than I thought a man would be, but luckily we agree on most things. And he has to trust me a little because I actually taught interior design so. . . I win. (And I would give your collage an A! Haha, like you care!)

Mom/Nancy said...

I like it! I too have a husband who cares more then I thought a husband would care! Ha ha! What is the world coming to with all these men that care about the insides of their homes?? :) I think you did a good job and I love the colors!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Ooh looks fun! And man that's hard that you're both opinionated about decor . . . My husband has opinions about the decor, but most of the time, we're pretty aligned in our taste. He basically has veto power, but doesn't need to use it very often.

Lilyand Wes said...

I don't know what I would do if I were dealing with a husband like that!!! Dave says "As long as it's not pink or purple!" Makes it a lot easier on me!

Bekah @ re•solve said...

ha! glad he had that family moment. home-related stuff is a lot more stressful than people realize sometimes.

Shyree said...

I like it! Nick doesn't care so much about the decor. For us it's organizing. I like negative space, where everything is put away, out of sight. He likes things out and easily accessible. Personally, I think it all should be up to whoever spends more time at home ;)

Kenzie Smith said...

Well, I love it! I wasn't sure how the two would look together but it turned out awesome!

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