25 August 2014

Things that make my heart happy : Episode XXIIV

Often, when I drive to and from town on the little road that goes through ranch country, I see a group of horses grazing off in the distance. This weekend I noticed them grazing RIGHT by their fence, so I HAD to stop and get a picture of them with that beautiful backdrop. I wasn't even expecting them to be friendly, but they were too beautiful to simply drive past and not take a picture of!

They all ended up coming over to me to say hello to me - without any coaxing or clicking or encouraging them in any way I found myself with the full attention of like ten horses at once! I was in horse lovers heaven.

I do NOT exaggerate when I tell you that I could have stayed there for hours. Hours. I used to do that all the time with my mom's friend's horses...she would go visit her friend and I would walk straight back to where the horses were and sit there with them while the sun crept across the sky. I would brush them, pick their feet, lay on their backs and just love them. It's a good thing I was late to a baby shower on this particular day or I might have ended up doing the same thing with these guys. So pretty.

Proof that I actually went to the baby shower:


Jess said...

The horse pictures make my heart happy. I miss having a horse. I could sit there all day and just watch them and be content.

Kenzie Smith said...

I love the horse photos! I can definitely attest to being content just sitting out in a field with them.

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