22 August 2014

What's fair is fair!

I had the beesssst night the other night with my momma and baby brothers! PS - yes, these are in fact my baby brothers. Do you like how they look giant next to me?

We went to the fair, I shot pictures to my little hearts content, and we rode all of the sketchiest rides on the planet. Seriously, fair rides are 90% more scary than the big, bad, 90 degree drop, crazy looping monster coasters I ride at Magic Mountain. It's the trust factor...you just can't relax on a ride that may kill you at any moment! Participating in near death experiences on your own free will - it's the best way to bond.

While we're on the subject (just kidding, I know this is random) how EPIC are my jams this week?! 
Wedding photos for the win!

PS - Free shipping on all Jamberry orders if you email me which style you'd like by Monday (DON'T go through laynahrose.jamberry.com, email me directly)


Kimberly said...

We're going there tonight!! PS, I suck at being a blogger friend. This trip has been busier than I thought, and I never called you. Boo. :(

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh I love the fair! But I do not ride the rides, they always look insanely sketchy so no thanks. Those jamberry nails!!

Lex said...


If I wasn't terribly afraid of doing my nails, I'd order wedding picture ones, haha!

Brittany said...

So true. Fair rides are the creepiest. I avoid them.

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