29 September 2014

Story of the boots

I don't normally do too much shopping for myself, but with my birthday and all...I just have been spoiled by everyone! It is so exciiiiting because honestly, I don't remember the last time I bought new clothes. In fact, I gave away like three bags of clothes a few months ago and my closet has been bare ever since (I decided I'd rather have no clothes than clothes I didn't like, so I threw out everything except things I wore...I literally have only had 6 shirts since then). Fun fact: the first purchase I made after the purge was a necklace that broke the next day. Of course that would happen lol.

So anyways, for my birthday I was spoiled and it totally makes up for the hardship my closet has been through this year #firstworldproblems. Even though I mostly just got basics, I feel like there are SO many new ways I can mix and match and make outfits now. One thing that was missing from all of these new outfits were some fabulous shoes...boots, to be exact. You see, I have been LUSTING over these particular boots for a few weeks now, but could NOT get them for my birthday money because I kind of needed clothes like really bad. 

Fall Outfit

Fall Outfit by laynahrose 

Until I went shopping with my mother in law and confessed my love for the boots...which I wasn't even sure were still in store because I had been stalking them online and the day before they had disappeared from the website. Sad day! We decided to check anyways, and right there on the rack were my fabulous-but-not-so-practical, creamy blingy ankle boots! I tried them on and loved them just as much as I thought I would. Theeen they couldn't find a match in my size. While they looked for it we dawdled around and looked at the mostly overpriced clothes in Buckle that I wasn't too interested in. I know the girls there only make $5 an hour and they have to make up the rest of their paycheck in commissions, so they were looking frantically!

I got tired of waiting so we left and the girls reluctantly agreed to let us go while they kept looking. An hour or so later, we checked back and they still hadn't found it so I just assumed this was just my luck and I would never own those perfect boots. I had plenty of other new items in my closet to love, after all. But then the manager offered free shipping to have them sent to my house, and while the wait is kiiiiiilllliiiing me I feel like it will be worth it! This means I literally got everything I possibly wanted for my birthday - which I didn't think ever happened to anyone, so I am legitimately surprised. Told you 23 would treat me well ;)

PS - I have most of the clothes pictured in my collage! The boots, scarf, holy chic shirt, and bag. And obviously I have jamberry for days.

24 September 2014


Ahhh, the year I've been waiting for all my life is HERE. My day yesterday was pretty flawless, just so you know. I got not one, but two flowers delivered to my work and I was completely shocked because I've never had flowers delivered at work before, haha! I felt beautiful and loved and I just know that this year will treat me well. 23 has never let me down in any random drawing/number picking/ticket number type of situation and it sure as heck won't fail me now. 

Birthday selfie: note that I switched to contacts and you can see my eyes now!

Birthday spoils: chunky jewels that I absolutely adore! I also got the most perfect basic blazer from H&M (I feel like that's a staple in every 20-somethings closet so I was overdue), and the pink shirt pictured, among a few other baubles. Nothing I need, everything I want.

19 September 2014

Golden...orrrr not?

I've always looked forward to my golden birthday. I think we all have an age as kids that we look forward to and think "I can't wait to be ___ years old, then I can do ___!" Well mine was 23. By the time I was 23, I was going to have a pink house, two doberman pinschers, a fluffy bathrobe, a husband, and a preggo belly. Seriously, that was my vision. 

23 happens to be my favorite number, and the fact that I would be having my "golden" 23rd birthday on the 23rd always made it even more special. Early this year when we started trying, I started getting excited about turning 23 again. I thought for sure I'd be pregnant by then (now). Then we got the house earlier than we expected and I was like "Could it be...are things actually falling in to place by my golden birthday like I imagined they would?" I even started planning my party in like February and everyone made fun of me for getting excited too early. 

Then I got discouraged about the whole "not pregnant" thing that I kind of lost interest. Now my golden birthday is 4 days away and I don't feel like celebrating. To top it off, I have a bunch of pink and gold party decorations that won't get used... oh and I have an appointment tomorrow (is the weekend BEFORE your birthday or after the official birthday weekend?) with a psychiatrist to see if I'm bipolar or not. My primary physician's money is on yes. Haha! Fun days! 

I didn't intend for this post to be so negative. I was going to end it by saying something positive and happy! But then half way through I decided to write what I actually feel in this moment. And while I am actually surprised at how blessed I have been this past year, I think it's okay for me to admit that I'm sad right now too. Even though I'm not sure sad is the right word...because I'm not sad, I just don't feel like celebrating? Because for the first time, my birthday will be just another day for me, and I think it's ironic that it happens to be the one I've always looked forward to. 

And because I've been going through old pictures like crazy...
23 years on this earth is blowing my mind.

16 September 2014

Laziest post ever!

Last weekend we went to the beach. The weekend before that we went swimming with the family (all the while it's 35 degrees up in Idaho where my sister in law just left for college haha)! Buuuut I just don't feel like blogging my adventuressss right now! Maybe I'm too preoccupied on Sadie or maybe my blogging brain is taking a vacay.

Regardless of what it is, I decided that even if I don't go over it in great detail I better throw the pictures up here just so I know where they fit in once I take a look back on the year and try to put everything in order. Corona Del Mar: 9-13-14 - aka the most beautiful beach day with my family. Insert heart emoji here. Also the lazy emoji, if there is one.

Don't ask me how I know, but I'm pretty sure my brother in law has navel crabs!

14 September 2014

The dog baby

Out house just got a whole lot cuter and a lot louder as well. We call her Sadie, and she will be registered as "Slim Sadie". Half of us are absolutely in love with her...and the other half is convinced that her cuteness is either a defense or a trick to get him to like her during the day time (she cries in her crate at night sooo he isnt digging that). And dang she is a handful so far! In the time that it has taken me to type this (downstairs) she has snuck upstairs three times! I think maybe the downstairs is boring for her since all of her toys and bed is upstairs? Last time I went up there to go get her (wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm on squat watch for the next 18 months) she had brought her toys into the rug on the front room and was playing with them by herself lol. Its overwhelmingly cute.

Here's our Sadie:

Oh and before I forget, she was born on July 24th. What are blogs good for if not to help keep track of things like that ;) Insert photo of her first bath here because I'm cheesy like that, and where else would I put it??

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