16 September 2014

Laziest post ever!

Last weekend we went to the beach. The weekend before that we went swimming with the family (all the while it's 35 degrees up in Idaho where my sister in law just left for college haha)! Buuuut I just don't feel like blogging my adventuressss right now! Maybe I'm too preoccupied on Sadie or maybe my blogging brain is taking a vacay.

Regardless of what it is, I decided that even if I don't go over it in great detail I better throw the pictures up here just so I know where they fit in once I take a look back on the year and try to put everything in order. Corona Del Mar: 9-13-14 - aka the most beautiful beach day with my family. Insert heart emoji here. Also the lazy emoji, if there is one.

Don't ask me how I know, but I'm pretty sure my brother in law has navel crabs!

1 comment

Bitz said...

Beautiful pictures of the ocean! Lub!

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