29 September 2014

Story of the boots

I don't normally do too much shopping for myself, but with my birthday and all...I just have been spoiled by everyone! It is so exciiiiting because honestly, I don't remember the last time I bought new clothes. In fact, I gave away like three bags of clothes a few months ago and my closet has been bare ever since (I decided I'd rather have no clothes than clothes I didn't like, so I threw out everything except things I wore...I literally have only had 6 shirts since then). Fun fact: the first purchase I made after the purge was a necklace that broke the next day. Of course that would happen lol.

So anyways, for my birthday I was spoiled and it totally makes up for the hardship my closet has been through this year #firstworldproblems. Even though I mostly just got basics, I feel like there are SO many new ways I can mix and match and make outfits now. One thing that was missing from all of these new outfits were some fabulous shoes...boots, to be exact. You see, I have been LUSTING over these particular boots for a few weeks now, but could NOT get them for my birthday money because I kind of needed clothes like really bad. 

Fall Outfit

Fall Outfit by laynahrose 

Until I went shopping with my mother in law and confessed my love for the boots...which I wasn't even sure were still in store because I had been stalking them online and the day before they had disappeared from the website. Sad day! We decided to check anyways, and right there on the rack were my fabulous-but-not-so-practical, creamy blingy ankle boots! I tried them on and loved them just as much as I thought I would. Theeen they couldn't find a match in my size. While they looked for it we dawdled around and looked at the mostly overpriced clothes in Buckle that I wasn't too interested in. I know the girls there only make $5 an hour and they have to make up the rest of their paycheck in commissions, so they were looking frantically!

I got tired of waiting so we left and the girls reluctantly agreed to let us go while they kept looking. An hour or so later, we checked back and they still hadn't found it so I just assumed this was just my luck and I would never own those perfect boots. I had plenty of other new items in my closet to love, after all. But then the manager offered free shipping to have them sent to my house, and while the wait is kiiiiiilllliiiing me I feel like it will be worth it! This means I literally got everything I possibly wanted for my birthday - which I didn't think ever happened to anyone, so I am legitimately surprised. Told you 23 would treat me well ;)

PS - I have most of the clothes pictured in my collage! The boots, scarf, holy chic shirt, and bag. And obviously I have jamberry for days.


Kate Mitchell said...

That's so great that they were able to find your boots! Definitely a great birthday present :)

Laurie Olsen said...

I'm just glad they found them for you, even if you do have to wait. Because they are special boots and must be yours.

Kimberly said...

LOVE those boots!! I've been really bad at buying shirts lately too. When I did find one I liked at WalMart (ug, do not like shopping there, but I had to for some reason I forget!) I bought five!

Elena Ridley said...

Looooovvveeee those boots! Omg! So cute!

.candace. said...

OMG THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE BOOTS EVER and I EVEN WORK AT BUCKLE!!! (using my awesome discount on the jeans first since they are waaaay overpriced lol)

Chelsea said...

As every other follower has posted, I too LOVE those boots!!!

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