09 October 2014

A throwback thursday story

I was the weirdest child. Have you ever been not thinking about anything with a totally blank mind, and then a random story from your childhood comes up and you kinda relive it? Well, I'm not sure why, but that has been happening to me a lot lately haha! 

For instance...and this is a true story...when I was in 3rd grade I liked this boy. He was an overweight hispanic boy and he made my little 8 year old heart melt. I dont know. Anyways, he liked this little blonde girl with straight hair who didn't act like Mimi-siku from Jungle 2 Jungle. Basically he had a crush on someone who was the exact opposite of me.

a picture of me in 3rd grade to help you understand what we're dealing with.

But I wasn't one to just sit around and curse my misfortune. I took action. One night, I devised a fool proof plan to break them up, and then dye my hair blonde so he would fall in love with me. Phase one involved writing notes to both Melissa and Eduardo (names have been changed) and hiding them in their desks to find. Both notes said something to the effect of: Dear Melissa, I don't like you anymore. You are super lame. Don't talk to me. From Eduardo

It would have worked great if the third grade teacher hadn't caught wind of what was happening. Eduardo was just confused, but Melissa was a wreck! She was crying and all upset, and kept apologizing to Eduardo for writing such a mean note. Face palm. She actually believed SHE wrote the note?! To this day I don’t know why she admitted to the crime, but it would seem that I was off the hook.

Actually, no. That meddling teacher had to go and get involved, and the minute he saw each of the notes he knew it was me because 1. He knew my writing and 2. The notes were written on my personal cutesy stationary haha! He took me aside and, without admitting that he knew it was me, asked for my opinion on the recent events of classroom 7. 

He didn’t talk down to me or scold me at all, and the fact that he was so kind about it me made me feel ashamed for ever doing something so bad! I admitted that I had indeed executed this horrible act and he didn’t even punish me.

The End.

PS – Regarding phase two: I actually did end up lightening my hair to a brassy blonde color with leave-in sun lightening gel! It worked out a little better than phase one, because Eduardo DID get a crush on me after that. Unfortunately my fickle heart had moved on by then.


Kenzie Smith said...

This is hilarious! There are a few stories from my childhood that had me scratching my head. Kids are so weird. I know that I was a total weirdo ha ha!

.candace. said...

Oh my GOSH I love this!!! Haha the fickle hearts of young girls eh? Thanks for sharing!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Hahaha! That is hilarious! And equally hilarious about you and your coworkers. Aren't random memories just the best?! :D

Shyree said...

This is hilarious!

Kimberly said...

This is so funny!! I was a super weird kid as well.

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