27 October 2014

Pickin Punkins

I was so excited this weekend to go pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! Matthew made fun of me for wanting to do all of the kid stuff (psh) but I shook my fist at him and promised that once I have a kid of my own, nobody will be able to judge me for doing the corn maze or hay ride or face painting, ha. That will show him.

Although we had a lot of fun, the pumpkins were all picked out and we couldn't find one that measured up to our pumpkin standards. We ended up getting our pumpkin from the grocery store, because we're flexible like that.


The Real Arnolds said...

You're never too old for the pumpkin patch! Love your tee. Thanks so much for stopping by.

xo, Amy Ann
The Real Arnolds

.candace. said...

Your t-shirt!! swoon. Also, I am very impressed you went to the grocery store to get a good-sized, nice pumpkin. Kudos!! Love your awesome pics.

Bria Sommer said...

LOVE it! I still have never been to a pumpkin patch! We never had one in Alaska and we're just too busy to hit up the one here in Boise. BUT I may just have to convince the hubby ;) and say its for my daughter (but mostly for me haha)

Kenzie Smith said...

You are never too old for the pumpkin patch or any of the activities! We are super picky about our pumpkins too -- it usually takes us at least twenty minutes of checking out all of the pumpkins before we decide ha ha.

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