06 November 2014

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I MADE A PLAN YOU GUYS. Like, I actually made a plan to reach some goals I've had for a while and - what do you know - things are actually happening! It all started with "I want to make an extra few hundred dollars every month." So I became a consultant for Jamberry and - BAM. Few hundred dollars every month, in the bank. Then I was like "Say whaaat, that actually worked? Wow, what else can I do?" It's true what they say about how reaching a goal empowers you because all of the sudden I felt like all my other goals were possible. And not just like "in the future" but that I could make them happen NOW. 

Okay, so on to the actual goal I was referring to in the title of this post...I felt like I needed an intro because what I am about to say next may come as a shock to some of you. I want to be a birth photographer. Yeah yeah, I know. You should see people's faces when I say that. BUT I AM SERIOUS. I think it's such a huge moment, and from the first time I saw a live birth and felt the energy in a room when a brand freaking new human being enters the world, I was hooked. Couple that with my compulsion to document ALL THE THINGS and bippity boppity boo, I decided I want to be a birth photographer. 

So, you know how I do. I sat around thinking "Hey, I want to be a birth photographer." ..and not doing a dang thing about it haha. Cue jamberry and making a few hundred extra dollars every month...I realized that you have to actually DO crap in order to reach your goals. I then devised a master mind plan for becoming a birth photographer:
  1. Get prints and put together an actual real life portfolio.
  2. Meet with a doula in my area and show her my portfolio.
  3. Offer to take birth pictures for her clients.
  4. Wait.
So yeah, I'm at step four and I'm pumped so I just wanted to write about it. I actually met with a client of hers and it was super great because it was like a job interview, except I will be seeing her naked if all went well. Yeah, I'm immature and that was literally what I was thinking the entire time haha. 

But seriously though. If she agrees, I really really hope I can do this moment justice.

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