19 January 2015

One More Birth Story (Warning: this one is vaginal!)

I include that warning mostly for the male members of my family who read my blog ;) Anyways, I decided to create a Facebook page for my tiny photog business, called Rosegold Photography. I don't know why, but I was super nervous to do so! Since I'm such a beginner it feels like a bold statement to put my work out there as "professional" but I really have been practicing and studying for years, so I have to start somewhere, right?? I won't share every single photo shoot on the blog from here on out, so go ahead and like my Facebook page if you'd like to follow along as I continue to practice and build my skills.

Here is baby JD's birth story:

I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be at BOTH of these births. Just so grateful.

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Laurie Olsen said...

You did such a wonderful job capturing both of these! While I would be a bit shy I think hiring someone to do this I think the photos are so priceless and amazing. Well done!!

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