05 February 2015

Bonjour, Elder Crawley!

That means hello too, right? Anyways, the LONG AWAITED DAY OF PRESTON'S ARRIVAL CAME THIS WEEK. For two years he has been working his booty off learning French, preaching the gospel, and sharing his great personality with the people of Lyon, Montpellier...and various other cities across the great country of France. Here's a peek at some of the people he met and the things he did while on the Lord's errand:


 ^ David Archuleta ;)

He has had such an incredible two years but we have missed him so much! If you don't know, LDS missionaries are only allowed to call/skype home twice a year! Since he left only a few months after Matthew and I got married, I've had to get to know the rest of the family without him! At times I've worried that when he comes home it would be awkward because we don't really know each other...but after just seeing him for a few hours at the airport I remembered how easy he is to get along with! He is just the most fun loving, guy and I respect him so much for giving two years of his life to preach the gospel. Even though I felt soooooo extremely ill the day he came home (body, what the heck is up with that?!) I tried to get some shots at the airport...



 Ohhh my goodness, my husband was SO excited to be reunited with his brother!


I cannot wait to see where life takes him next! Welcome back Preston - Mission Accomplished!

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Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

Was David archuleta in his mission??

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