16 February 2015

Taking: stock

Making: ...excuses. Ha jk but I was slacking on my running this weekend and I also went over my 25g allowance of sugar on Valentines Day. Oops!

Cooking: nothing! I'm eating salami and cheese to try to get that weird tingly feeling out of my mouth after I eat kiwi.

Drinking: a juice! I'm part of a "juice club" at work where we each bring in $10 or less of fruit or veggies every week and every day at lunch they get blended or juiced. The BEST day is Wednesday when we juice carrots and add in a couple of oranges or apples or ginger! I would buy that stuff by the gallon. 

Reading: nothing at the moment. I just finished the audio books for the Maze Runner series.

Wanting: a bunny! Matthew and I have decided to get a bunny because his aunt has the same allergies as him and says they don't really bother her since they mostly stay in their cage. Holland lops are DEFINITELY my fave.

Looking: forward to this weekend's double date :) A friend of ours usually works Friday nights so we don't get to see them, but he's off this Friday and we're gonna party! And by party I mean hang out and eat food.

Playing: whatever is on my husband's ipod (during runs) because he has more music than me. Lot's of rock. 

Wasting: time and money by not meal-prepping.

Sewing: HA!

Wishing: that I knew why my body refuses to have a regular period. Definitely makes TTC one hundred times harder.

Enjoying: vinegar flavors since I cut back on sugar. I eat a lot of pickles and I even add vinegar to my juices at lunch to switch up the flavor - a verrrry little goes a long way!

Waiting: for my air conditioning in my car to get fixed because it broke a few months ago and we were like "Oh, we can put that off because its about to get cold." We underestimated how short California winters can be.

Liking: that we got a loan to put solar on our house aaaand will actually save money because the loan monthly payment is lower than our electricity/propane bill. 

Wondering: why today's juice from the juice club tastes like butt. That's the risk you run in the juice club haha!

Loving: the great weekend my husband and I had together.

Hoping: that my body adjusts to running quickly!

Marveling: at how freaking AMAZING our world is. I love documentaries, I just sit there in awe at how wonderful this place is. Complex, dangerous, beautiful...our world is so many things, all perfectly combined. 

Needing: to make a doctor's appointment. Probably my LEAST favorite thing in the world, I don't have a lot of confidence that any of my questions will be answered.

Wearing: my favorite shoes...leopard chucks. They're perfect.

Following: reading and stalking my favorite blogs...but rarely commenting. I'm definitely a blog creep haha. 

Noticing: How full I feel! Should not have had the salami and cheese before the juice, but I felt like I was eating too much fruit and I wanted to balance it out with something else.

Knowing: that I need God.  When I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm lonely, when I'm anything. 

Thinking: about how my ward boundaries were changed this week. I'm not sure who I'll see next week, which reminds me I wont be there this Sunday because I am...

Feeling: excited for my cousin's baptism AND my brother in law's homecoming talk this weekend.


Kenzie Smith said...

That is seriously so cool about the juice club at your work -- I wish I had a juice club... or someone who would come over a juice things for me ha ha. Holland lops are cute! Bunnies are fun :D Hopefully you are doing good with your less-sugar "diet" ;D

sydni said...

unrelated, but i just wanted to tell you that i LOVE how you spell your name! so pretty & unique.

Kay R. said...

Aww that bunny is precious!!! My cousin had one growing up and my sister has one for her kids now :)

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

The juice idea is a great one! Accountability is one of the hardest issues for me, so it works out that your office is doing it together! And I love those shoes! So cute!

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