06 March 2015


^ That is the sound of angels singing, btw ;) I've got some good news and some bad news...good news:  I got a wireless remote so now I can take pictures of myself from anywhere I want. Bad news: Some of you may get overwhelmed by the number of selfies that are about to go down, because I am addicted!


It's pretty much like DIY paparazzi. I haven't stopped since I got it, and I think Mattie described it perfectly when he said "I have created a monster..."

Needless to say, it woke up that small piece of me who thinks she is a fashion blogger. That part of me has really thrived from this sudden turn of events, and she is pretty much taking over the blog until further notice. Good news for those of you who have been dying to know what I wear every single day! (Haha, sarcasm. But kind of serious too. Sorry not sorry.)


I don't even know if I love this outfit, but that didn't stop me from documenting it!


tina bumblebee said...

I got a remote for my camera like a year ago and have yet to use it but I really should!!!!! I love your shoes :)

Christina Sotherden said...

this is awesome!! I so need one of these!!

Pink and Fabulous said...

OMG I need one of these asap!!

Parrott Ponderings said...

I am a little jealous that you have a remote for your camera. How cool is that?! I would be taking a million pictures too.

Kay R. said...

Now i totally want a remote for my camera! haha

J and A said...

I need a wireless remote! How does this work!??

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