18 March 2015

That skinny pregnant chick

If you don't know who Sarah Stage is, let me be the one to inform you: she's that skinny pregnant chick. I'm fascinated with her pregnancy because she is TINY and you can legit still see her abs even though she is 39 weeks pregnant.

Seriously, this woman is 39 weeks pregnant! That bottom left picture is actually a shot from her official maternity session. All of these pictures, along with captions declaring that she eats and her baby is perfectly healthy, can be found under the instagram handle @sarahstage. 

I don't really need to speculate on whether she is starving herself or not. I don't know her life. Something is definitely odd, but maybe she just has a really long torso? Maybe she's an alien. Either way, its fascinating because it is abnormal.

She posted a picture yesterday of her (39 weeks) and her pregnant friend (35 weeks) and of course the other woman's belly was MASSIVE in comparison to hers. It was so comical, I sent a screenshot to my friend and was like "Guess which one is farther along?!" She guessed. "No - its the one on the right!" *laughing to tears emoji times two* My friend's response was "OMG I hope I look like that!" ...and I stopped laughing. 

What..?? I'll admit, I've spent a lot of time looking at her pictures and trying to decide if a baby really could fit in there, but not once have I been even slightly jealous.

When I get pregnant, I hope I have a belly. I hope I get stretch marks, I hope I get morning sickness, I hope I have ligament pain, AND I hope I have trouble sleeping. I want these things so bad I have literally PRAYED for them. I have begged God for these things and all He does is hush my tears and urge me to be patient.

But that doesn't stop me from pleading, because if it means I get to have a baby in the end, I will happily volunteer for swollen ankles, hemorrhoids, an episiotomy, heartburn, and for all my hair to fall out in the months after childbirth - leaving me with a head full of useless "baby hairs." I won't mind if I have to do kegels for the rest of my life out of necessity so that I don't pee on myself every time I sneeze, and I would be perfectly happy if I never lost those last ten pounds of baby weight. 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that from November to this past Monday, I have been missing a period. Which is incredibly frustrating when you are TTC. I went to the doctor to get to the bottom of it a few times and learned in the process that I would not be able to afford (in)fertility treatments at this time. And I was perfectly okay with that. Honestly, I really am. I have just been doing photography and keeping myself busy, and now that I know it won't be for another couple years it has helped me to relax a little bit.

But these period hormones...and my friend saying that got me thinking about every other woman who complains about their #pregnancyprobs! It kind of gave me the same feeling I get when a friend complains to me about one breakout when she can clearly see I have a face FULL of acne. I'm not wishing infertility on anyone, I just wish that everyone who does get pregnant before me would realize what a blessing it is. I'm sure stretch marks and morning sickness are pains in the booty, but please don't complain to me about it.

PS - You should go read this woman's insightful post right now because she has a little more grace and a lot more eloquence than I do - that's for sure!


Kendra Klingler said...

I love this post!! And you know what, I have had been complaining to my husband in the past about this pregnancy. Lately I have been on the down low with my complaining. Pregnancy isn't easy and I do know that first trimester is the worst. But you are right, it's such a blessing!! This little one is growing, and I know it's a huge blessing!! There are times that I would love to give his little one to those who can't. But that wouldn't actually happen, since I already love this little one. But I do pray for you and my other friends who can't get pregnant so easily. I do know that you will get pregnant eventually. Just keep busy and love our Heavenly Father with His plan. I'm here for you!! <3

Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

Bless your heart. I pray God gives you your hearts desires soon! And side note: I've seen this girl in pictures and OMG! I think everyone just carries differently and obviously hers is not the norm, but I read an article about a girl who had a completely flat stomach up until the day she gave birth. It was just the way her body handled it! Fascinating stuff for sure!

ashleynicole @ [real life, real love] said...

Oh Laynah, I just can't wait for the day you get pregnant because you just totally and completely deserve it :) When you're jumping up and down over there, I will be doing the same for you here :) Sorry people suck sometimes ;)

Andrea Nine said...

You are more than entitled to say how you feel sweet girl. Your patience will pay off when carry and hold that sweet baby!! Keep praying and everything that comes along with it will be cherished. Saying a little prayer for you right now!!


Silvia Negretti said...

I really hope You'll got pregnat soon, hun!
You'd be very sweet and smart mom!
Follow 4 follow? :)

Rebecca Jo said...

That woman ...I'm baffled by it. My stomach gets bigger then that after a good meal. I'm anxious to see how big the baby is...

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Oh my gosh...I have never seen her before but that is CRAZY! How is she 39 weeks pregnant?! That seems unhealthy. I also pray for all of those things. We have been trying to for 6 months (which I know isn't crazy long) but we're still not. I'm ready for it but it has to be in God's timing. I'll be praying for you as well, Layna! I've learned so much about this stuff in that past year and it's crazy how many women struggle with fertility issues. I always thought it was so easy to get pregnant because of the people who accidentally do but that's not true. It's definitely a blessing to get pregnant! I hope you do soon!

Kimberly said...

Oh sweet girl!! I loved this post! You're so right, all of the annoying things that happen with pregnancy are totally worth the outcome. Such a good thing to remember. I wish so badly for you to get the baby of your dreams. You deserve to be a mama so much!!

audielou.com said...

Girl, how hard must someone have to work to keep such a flat tummy?? Too much effort! To me pregnancy sounds like the perfect excuse to each (safe) cookie dough and Taco Bell ;) And carrots and yogurt or whatever... My very best friend struggled with getting pregnant for two years and now she has a beautiful 2 month old! When your time comes it will be SO AWESOME for you! And I'm right there with you at acne anonymous. HUMPH!

Mrs. Southern Mama said...

AGREED... I prayed for each of those things too - a big belly, morning sickness, trouble sleeping - all of it!!!!! It is such a blessing and I would never take it for granted. It's so sad whenever people do :(

Amie said...

Ok so yeah I will NEVER look like that pregnant or not! I don't know all of your story yet but I will back track and catch up on your blog but know you are in my prayers!!!

Kay R. said...

I agree with everything posted. I saw this last week and I thought hmmm odd. My mum is tiny and was sick her entire pregnancy so she was small and even she was not THAT small. I mean wow. Even if she does eat and is healthy, thats not the norm and I'd cherish a big ole belly.

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