17 April 2015


Good grief, what a week! What a joyful, busy week! Yesterday my brother in law Preston married his true love Rebekah in the Los Angeles Temple. These two are truly a match made in heaven, watching them and being a part of their day gave me butterflies and I definitely teared up more than once. Love is so beautiful! The professional pictures are sure to be AMAZING (had such a long chat with the photog after the reception, mad respect for her and her work) but all I have for now is one professional teaser and a bunch of iPhone pictures. 

^ Can you even?!

Sooo many congratulations to the happy couple, who are FINALLY done waiting to be together forever! They are going to knock this marriage thing out of the park.


Bitz said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm doing my first official wedding shoot in a couple of weeks so this gives me such great inspiration. Thank you for this!

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Melanie Montgomery said...

Gorgeous. I love her choice of colors.

JoJo said...

Weddings are so much fun especially if you see the true love in the bride and groom. Love the spring color she chose.

Agnes W said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations!! You look beautiful and radiant :)

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