02 June 2015

Bloggers in Vegas

So you DO realize that last time I posted was over four weeks ago...I had just announced I would be meeting a stranger in Vegas and was slightly worried about being murdered...and then nobody bothered to check up on me?! Ha I kid (instagram can attest to my not being dead-ness). And honestly I wasn't too worried about getting murdered. It really was a great weekend though, and luckily, Ashley  posted about it right away so I was able to read her post to jog my memory for this one. 

Obviously you can't know exactly who a person is through a blog. I think Ashley and I had a really good idea after all of our many emails, but its still impossible to know. Being together in real life brings up topics that you would never think of over an email, and allows for the sharing of more personal information that could be skewed over text. Literally 5 minutes after meeting, we were driving in my car and she just happened to ask the right question and I spilled something that I would definitely never share on the blog. And it was was great because she was comfortable listening and I was comfortable saying it (until halfway through when I wondered if I should panic for sharing too much but then she reassured me that it was fine before I could even ask)! It was a really weird sensation that she was both a stranger and an old friend at the same time. That sensation continued through the trip and she is definitely more than a blog bestie now. 

Needless to say, we had a BLAST. First we went to Tournament of Kings and that was admittedly the most awkward part because I wanted to talk to her but it was a show so I couldn't, and also we had to eat with our hands so I felt shy eating a whole chicken with my bare hands in front of her haha. 

The biggest priority on my list was the temple because I've only been to two (shes been to like TWENTY) and I was very excited to see another temple. She's only my second friend I've ever had who is willing and able to go to the temple with me so I had to take advantage of that. She's like a temple pro and it was amazing. 

We did a lot of walking and talking on the strip, and saw flamingos and parrots at the Flamingo which may have been my favorite. Honestly, that is one of the big reasons I took so long to write this post because we took the coolest pictures with the parrots and then their computers went down so we couldn't buy any! I've been communicating through email with the person who runs the place to see if they could track them down (because the people at the desk encouraged me to try that), but no luck so far.

Ashley gave a more thorough description of our shenanigans, but it sufficeth me to say: While in our pajamas eating breakfast at IHOP at like 11pm on the second night, we got mistaken for cousins and I couldn't help but blurt out "We just met yesterday!" ...aaaand I think when someone asks you that, its a good indicator that you've succeeded in squeezing a years worth of bonding into one weekend.

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